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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

State Holiday Camps and Activities

The Victorian Girl Guides Association is offering  “Holiday Camps and Activities. The first Holiday Camp will be run in the June/July holidays. It is to be held at Iluka and will have an Art theme.
The camp is open to all girls aged 9 to 13 (for both members and non members) and information is also available online. We will also be sending information on the camp directly to District and Unit Leaders as well as to the girls (9 to 13 year olds).” This information has come from the Victorian Guides CEO April 17th information sent out.
This is an opportunity for the Guides to camp and have activities outside of their own Peer unit and this District.  I encourgae parents to utilize this opportunity and have a brake.
I know that when one of our daughters went on a similar State Guide run camp over the holidays she really enjoyed it.  Wanting to go back the next year.

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The 2010 Calendar to work with (so far)

Jan 17 meeting
17 Week starting water activities
17 Week starting Playgroup
26th Australia Day
Feb 7th New Uniform Release
8th Region Meeting
Feb 14 meeting
21st Region WTD Burnet Park
21st Melbourne WTDay
22 World Thinking Day
27th Shelter Day Haz St Hall
28 meeting
March 7th Fun Day in Park
7th / Clean up Australia Day
14 meeting
20th Churchill Fair
22 Down Under Activities
22 World Water Day
23 World Metrological Day
27th Earth Hour
28 meeting

April 10 Centenary Calendar
10 TO 16TH National Youth Week
11 meeting: like your hair day

25 meeting
27th Region Meeting
May 2 Like your hair day
9 meeting: Jelly Wrestling
21st Overnight stay
23 meeting:SAS Arts Workshop

June 6 meeting: garden somewhere!
6th World Environment day
20 meeting: Fun walk to pondage & bbq
26th Region meeting
July 4 meeting

18 meeting

Aug 1 meeting
1 National Tree day
5 Last day for QG report
15 meeting

29 meeting
Sept 6 to 12th Land Care week
7 national ?
sept 12 meeting
13 to 19 Clean Up the World
17 to 26 National Water week
18 ? OBP Confrence
26 meeting

Sept Shelter day
Sept Melbourne Show
Oct 3 QG and OBP Presentation
3 to 9 World Space Week
Oct 10 Meeting
10 Flying the Flag
16 /17 Jota
16/17 Overnight stay
18 Region Meeting
24 Meeting

Nov 7 Meeting
8 to 14 National Recycling wk
20 Go Girl
21 Meeting
26th /27 Traralgon Show
26th to 28 Shindig
Dec 5 Meeting
6 to 12th National Coast Care wk
19 Meeting

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Qualification training

Recognised that we want a chance to be qualified. So we are looking towards State and Region training calenders. If clashed with normal meeting time apologies will be accepted. Normal meeting time should carry on anyway although may have something tom do with what is being learned at training??? to be decided.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Suggested program things for 2010


• Kira needs to do her promise
• Jess has to reaffirm hers if both are prepared to do so
• Rebecca is working on writing a letter for Bunnings to arrange the BBQ days, needs to be signed by president
• Kira needs to get her police check done through Guides Victoria
• Thinking Day
• Australia Day
• Release of new Uniforms
• Tabs to be picked up by Susan this Friday.
• Flag making needs to be on the agenda
• Sign-in Book needs to be used for meetings.
• Discussion on the agenda for next year, need to focus on relevant OBP sections.
• Girls need to register for the OBP and make timelines for how they are to complete each relevant section.
• Water activites->Water aerobics starting after the first meeting in the year 2010 for everyone to join in continuing for 3 months.
• Outdoor cooking can be done as a group to learn as a combined activity for everyone.
• Youth week
• Arts month.
• Open day at paper mill.
• Guide Month activities (May)
• Churchill Fair
• A Country /Rural Guides Idea of a Mega Huge Hike (Labour day weekend 2011) Train to Melbourne, stay overnight in back packers do activities all day, stay overnight in another back packers Activities on Sunday and home by train.
Some one needs to be qualified in Indoor camping, another in firat aid and
other in food handling!
• Moomba with Olave Program!
• Melbourne Show
• Clean up Australia March 7th ?
• New articles to be emailed to Churchill news. What about the smoke signal
• What about a cowboy night using the Hazelwood South Hall.
• 13 feb 2003
• Signitories on GG account need to have a Guide Centre approved police
• $91.48 in Gipps Guide account
Finance and Fundraising /
That for approved items if personal monies spent on events are to be approves at meeting and refunded.
That there be a petty cash book in operation.
That the monies for petty cash come from fundraising.
That 10% of all monies fundraised or donated be with held for funding the unit.
That the above 10% provide further events a budget.
That the 10% also cover the petty cash for normal unit meeting rquirements.

• Jelly wrestling day
• Pool day with BBQ
• Face painiting learning to paint other adults.
• Board game day
• Like your hair doo day.
• Recipes cheap and easy.
• Morning cuppa
• Boost juice sponsorship
• Pink ribbon day
• Bunnings
• Fun day at park.
• Tent day at hall (at least twice per year)
• Make garden at back/side of hall with bricks and tan bark
• Lunch out?
• Brake up dinner
• Presentation
• Deb ball for older ones 2011
• Fun walk.
• Fun run
• OBP conference
• Training calendar
• Pie place for lunch with Region Leader?
• Jump rope for heart.
• Community work shop for wood work and metal work projects (M & W days)

Writing encouraged by Clear Vision 

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