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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


This Service Flash has  three level [One, two and Three]

A Guide may start the flashes at the age of seven for flash 1, nine for flash 2 and 11 for flash 3.  Each different level has a period of service required over a varing amount of time.  For instance level 2 Service Flash has a  minimum of fifteen hours of ret over three months which works out at approximately 1% hours per week. . This can “include service to your “immediate and extended family, school and Guiding.

What needs to be recorded and signed off for is the date the Service began and concluded. What Service has been  provided Length of time given,.  Of course a Signature  is a must too.

The total hours given may be copied from Look Wide 2009 edition Page 83.  So what needs to be purchased and filled out is an up to date Look wide book.  Available at the Guide Shop.

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Everyones a Star Playgroup :

Begins 2nd week of Feb 2010.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Everyones a Star Playgroup :

Kira has begun to look into holding a play group.
1) There are two other play groups within a 10 radius. Terrific if there is little useful transportation. One requires a car both ways, the other a car one way. The Bus timetables do not meet either the start or the finishing times.
2)Calling the playgroup ‘Everyone’s a star’…Theme : Stars!
3) To be registered as a Victorian Playgroup.
4) To be held in the Old Glendonald Maternal and Child Health building.
5) Cost to be found out yet.
6) Involves on line discussion and keeping in contact.

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