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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Heads Held High

Disabilities are many where people are concerned. How people react to their disabilities as well as how other people react and inter-react with those who have disabilities will change as knowledge and experience change both in our community, our daily situations and ourselves.

Guiding has many opportunities for both those with or without disabilities.  Learning about and exploring different aspects of disabilities helps all of us in our daily lives.  To this end always has been Service Badges that the members of guiding can work towards.  Enjoy finding out more about what and how these various badges have worked over the decades.  gain a wider knowledge of what other badges have entailed and what different generations of girl guides  have done towards earning these Service orientated badges.  Where possible follow ons have been hyper-linked for your interests.  Having a glimpes of what and where a simple service assistance has taken various Guides may help you better understand the Service components of being a Girl Guide in the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides.

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Service list for 2010

 The Baw Baw Region Leader needs to fill in a once a year ‘Service to the Community’ section in her report for Guide center.

So here is a list of various services to the community we have participated in during 2010.

  • Service: Computers
  • Service Survey for Walker Park
  • Service: The Hazelwood Hall clean up guide lines [finally written] and maintenance of the grounds.

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Face painting. as a service to the community

Face painting is a removable body art form.  As a service to the community people and organisations may ask if there are people available through this district who have this art.

Donations are acceptable.  Donation monies to be banked through the treasurer of the District.  Unless specified the Monies go to where the District Leader and Team think is most appropriate.

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To Market …to market

  Idea from Rebecca was discusssed. After all present had input the following was decided:

  • To attend the Morwell Markets once a month ….on the Second Saturday of the month.
  • To share a stand with a family member already attending these markets.
  • To spend the time between now and January 2010 making/cleaning and packaging all products sold for and on behalf of the Gipp’s Guides.
  • face painting was brought up. 
    • Decission was to have more practice at designs and the spreading of the paint and marketing commitments before taking this on properly.
  • To make as business cards / tags to be included onto/inside the items sold.
  • To represent the Gipp’s Guides and wear Uniform.
    • Previously decided that moneys raises from any fundraising will pay for new Uniforms and Gipp’s Guide registrations [less the 10% profit that stays within the Gipp’s Guide account as running expenses for the Unit]
  • To take and fly the World Flag and the Gipps Guide Flag one only while there is a Gipps Guide officially on the stand.
  • To use this time as good Public relations for the Gipps Guides and Guiding in General.
    • Taking names of those interested and refering all the enquires to the Region Leader.
  • The Girl Guide Biscuits sold from now on will be sold as Out of Date and for $2.00.  Money for the Girl Guide biscuits is to go back to the District /Unit accounts it came orgininally from.  This is a Service to Guiding.  In this case to the Hazelwood and Churchill District.

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Australia Day Jan 26th

Australia Day celebrated as a State Event in Melbourne. This event has the Guides carrying a large Australian Flag. For this, the day is primarily aimed at the BP’s, Queens Guide’s and OBPs presented the previous year. When in Melbourne for the Australia Day event make sure that you have eaten well before the ceremonies begin. After which there is a Parade down Elizabeth Street.

As a Hazelwood and Churchill combined event the places have altered when necessary.  They have been behind the Hazelwood and Churchill shopping Center, Churchill Saloon, at Gaskin Park and at the Churchill Public Hall entrance. This event is open to all aged Guiding personal and members. On Australia Day the Gipps Guides or Leaders have been asked to face paint as an activity while people eat and catch up with friends. Other times there have been odd jobs like the handing out of flags, song sheets, readings, hoisting the flag / colour party [with Scouts].

Sometimes we go into Morwell’s Kurnot Hall for the Australia Day Ceremonies and Presentations/ Citizen of the Year Awards.

Full Uniform is worn. Take drink bottles full of water and sun hats.

Churchill Lions make sure there is a full breakfast available.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Car Show service to the community.

The car show was good.  There were cars, motorbikes, static engine displays, radio controlled crs, more cars, food and lots of people. The weather was even good for a change. The kitchen fly was placed so that the reflection from the Hazelwood Pondage did not damage anyones eyes. Just as well as the day was clear and the light intense.

There were faces to paint…Oh that’s why we were there!  The District Leader painted faces and we did to. We all improved as the day got older.  Butterflies and hearts anyone?

Actually we have booked in again for next year (the Hazelwood and Churchill District team has) and they have been tentativly booked also for the 20th of Feb 2010  another car show in Bairnsdale.  More faces to paint. Were coming too.

encouraged to be written by Clear Vision  

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What a hand there?

Combining the art of face painting and first aid on the horror night .

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