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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Darling overnight stay.

What an event.  The Guides have learned so much about themselves, their tolerances, other people, leadership and most of all what lack of sleep does to one!

I’ve even seen the  Guides working together and sharing their experiances with regard to what badges they have nearly completed.  Working together trying to finish another badge.

While preparing for the overnight stay and during the overnight stay the Guides became aware of the Patrol system.  How the Patrol System functions and what it means to be an active participant and a member of a Patrol. This has been accomplished mainly through out the previous terms activities in the Unit meetings. Some of the Guiding Traditions and skills were also incorporated in the weekly programs.  This overnight stay had a fair amount of just craft activities.  Since it was a State initiative then what the State wanted incorporated was included.  Craft activities were only a means for the Guides to practice their advocacy and governance skills.  Again this was Patrol building participations

The overnight stay itself represented several challenges to management. The first being reminding parents of their financial commitments with regard to paying membership and registration  to Melbourne Guide Center.

Next term I expect to see a list of badges that each girl has completed and is yet to be presented.  Along with the evidence that they have completed them of course.

Evidence… presentations of collections, photos, discussions, talks and so forth.

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Checked out the Four World Center Colors

The Four World Centers are part of the links of Unity between all the WAGGGS countries.

each world center has a different color and logo.

Samgam is Purple.              
Our Cabana is Orange.          Pictures
Pax Lodge is Green              
and Our Chalete is deep blue

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Learning to march

Learning to march sounds boring. Done the right way is fun. We had fun. Even when you are asked to go back and do it again. And again.

First you start with remembering what one is your left foot! Once it is pointed out that Guide Salute with their Right and shake with their left things are easier. The left foot is the lead foot. we often mucked up.

To correct that there’s the skip step. The one where you do a half step and repeat it a few steps later. That way the marching is all back in rhythm again.

Then when your finally moving when do you know when to stop. besides the person in front running stopping and you running right into them. That’s where listening to the commands come into it. And doing the commands helps too.

Marching involves swinging the arms. The other arm to the foot that is moving. Or you may end up out of balance and falling into someone else…..the ground hurt’s when there is no one to stop you falling.

The hand does not go further than the knee. If you swing the hand too far the steps get out of rhythm.

It took us a really fun time to get this marching stuff under control. then we got new people and we had to show them how it was done. That was really funny cause we realized how funny we looked when we begun to ‘March’.

We learned to March so that we could be on parade and escort the colors when the Second World War Board of Honor was brought back to the Hazelwood South Hall. Then we did Australia Days, and Anzac Days. Everytime there was something that we wanted to march in there was new things to learn too.

We were working on our Explore: guiding, Our World and Friendship badges, others doing sections of our Create: Feet, hands, Ears badges. Some of us were doing more to their Junior BP and BP badges,

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STAND AT EASE: Command – Unit, stand at EASE

The left foot is moved about 30cm from the right, weight is placed evenly on both feet; hands are held behind the back and the right hand clasped in the left. This is a more relaxed position and can be maintained for a longer time.

Practiced from Ceremonial Made Easy pamphlet

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Command – Unit (or camp,
patrol etc), atten-SHUN

This position should not be maintained too long. The body is held erect, head and eyes facing front, hands by the side, fingers lightly clenched at the rear of the skirt or slack seam, knees and feet together.

From Ceremonial made easy pamphlet.

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Giving orders

If the leader moves smartly and well, her example will be followed.  The leader is the pivotal point of any ‘command center’.  What people see and hear is how they too will react.

Leadership includes the’ giving’ and ‘following through’ of orders.Respect and fair treatment of all creates an uneven footing for the leader.  The leaders is no longer one of the ‘boys’. The leadership job requires a pivot for all to access and speak through.  Therefore when in a Parade or ceremonial situation if orders are given smartly – they will be carried out smartly.  This is really important when dealing with many people in a crowded area.  In order to get the commands over to others the leader should have practiced using her voice so that when calling commands it is done clearly and therefore well.   Before the actual commands are given the voice box should have had a ‘warm’ up practice session.

During the commands the accent is always to be on the end of the word eg ‘Atten-SHUN’ or on the last word in the command, ‘Quick MARCH’. Girls should be taught that they do not move until the whole command has been given.

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Unit Scarves near door.

From now on when we go into Guides we get the bag of scarves and put them near the door. Then we put one on for the night. After the meeting we leave them behind near the door…but not in the bag. That way the ones worn will be washed and made ready for nest week.
Our next job is to get the Unit flag stand ready to erect the flag. The Flag pole goes in the North side of the Building. That is where the roof is highest near the office door. A compass can be used to check this out.
After Guide and before the Color Party people put their scarves away they must put the Flag and its pole and the stand away.

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Australia Day Jan 26th in Hazelood and Churchill shopping Centre.

Starting usually a 7am this local event is now being held at the Hazelwood and Churchill shopping Center. (theory of this is great) As a Hazelwood and Churchill Event it is open to all aged Guiding personal and members. Event permission forms should be handed to the Guide Leader in Charge of the Guides on the day… signed by parent or carrer.

Previous years we have been asked to face paint as an activity while people eat and catch up with friends. Other times there have been odd jobs like the handing out of flags, song sheets, readings, hoisting the flag / color party [with Scouts].

One draw back here is that we usally do not get finalisation of anything until the week before. When we do it will be posted here. So keep an eye out and email us when if you think you are coming.

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Flag poles have their uses.

There are only three uses for a Flag pole.

The main use for a flag pole is to hold a Flag. More aptly known as “The Colors”. Another use for Flag Poles are to center the ropes that peg the flag pole down. The third use for a Flag Pole is to give the Color Party a Job.

Flag poles are not used as entertainment props, dance poles, spare tent poles, dilly bag lines, prospective spare kindling even or anything else other than a Flag Pole. Boaring! but true. Boils down to having respect for the “Colors” and what and who those the “Colors” represent.

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The Colour Guards Job desciption includes…

It is the Color Guards job to guide the Color Bearer from injury or harm. When the Color Bearer is carrying the Flag in the hoist she cannot see as the Flag pole and Colors are directly in her line of sight. For this reason the Color Guards stand so that their shoulders are able to Guide the Color Bearer. Nudging her to go one way away from possible danger or hazard.

The second job of the Color Guard is to assist in protecting the Flag – “the Colors”.
This job starts when the Flag is handed over to the Color Party until it is handed back and protectively stored away again.

The third job is to listen and respond to the Color Bearers commands. This then assists the Color Bearer to have a Uniform marching Color Party.

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