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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Further preperations for Turkey

Send a Semaphore message .

Use semaphore flags if available otherwise use arm movements. learn to phrase simple words such as: medic needed or supplies wanted.


Using torches or lanterns tap out simple sentences with Morse Code.

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Ada lovelace

For finding out information on women in Science and technology  for the link.  Have a go and inform us what you want to do with the day.

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Making a decoration

To make flat for cards or tags you will need:
card to make head and feet
eyes (draw or purchase)
a little wool to make hair
Glitter and a Large Ground sheet.
  1 pretty doily
Fold the doily as per the illustration and glue feet under the
doily. Draw or attach features and hair to the head. Glue the
head in place and use to decorate Christmas cards, gift tags
and so on.
To make as a decoration you will need:
small pompom for the head
  eyes (draw or purchase)
cardboard rolled into a tube narrower at the top than the bottom
  1 pretty doily
gold thread Instructions:
Roll an oblong of card into a tube shape which is a little narrower than the head pompom at the top but wider at the bottom. Experiment with the size of doily you are usingthe tube should be 2cm shorter than the bottom edge of the doily. Fix the edges of the tube in place with sticky tape. Fold the doily in half and then fold it around the tube as per illustration, gluing the ‘wing’ folds together at the back so the tube cannot be seen. Glue the features to the head then glue the head in place. Attach a hanging loop made from the gold thread. Optional for both versions: spray with gold paint when all glue is dry.

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