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International confrence quick report.

Meeting 25th October 2009

Start time 1:30 pm

Things discussed

There was a discussion about JOTA/JOTI weekend forum that was held on 17th and 18th of October with the guides around the world. It is a great opportunity to make new friends for all girl guides around the globe.

The job for post box secretary was discussed; there were suggestions to give it a different name so that girls would be more interested in making pen pals that way.

Things were discussed about the welcome packs for different countries as members of Girl Guides Association regarding the Thinking Day and what needs to be included from the Australian section.

I was told about the Sangam program in India
for supporting girls in different areas and I told that I would like to join in as a volunteer for sometime next year. The Sangam worldwide day next year is 18th October 2010.

There was a general discussion about religion, culture and importance of henna in Muslim culture and why it is used as a body art for celebrations.

I enjoyed myself there, met good people, learnt things and would like to attend more meetings next year on behalf of Baw Baw Region.

May I be appointed as an international representative being a Girl Guide and gain more knowledge towards my OBP.


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