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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Reaction to the ‘removing the Hazelwood Honor Roll once again’

A copy of a reply to an individual who notified District Leader about possible removal
 of the Hazelwood Honor role. [once again]

        The CDCA Presidient and Secretary were uncomfortable with me being there. I believe I was tolerated at first as the Preident thought I was a hanger on from the public meeting re 'Walker park.  Little realizing that the CDCA membership $2.00 had been paid and was receipted.  As the President and using the valid reason of time the proposal was to carry over to the next meeting various sections of of general business.  At this point as president tabled the proposal the look on the Presidents face when it was realized just why I was there was not obvious to all.  When the Presidentt glanced my way I did privately acknowledge that was the reason I was there.   
The President acted as though it was a possibility thought I would jump in boats and all at this point.  I did not  There is a protocol to follow when at open public meetings.  

When first being informed of the matter I did react. At least after my initial abrasive reaction when someone mentioned the relocation of the Hazelwood Honor Roll 'issue' I had time to think about, bring out into the open and review with other principal participants [Girl Guide Leaders, Tom Lawless, other long term residents] and to formulate an approach to a 'threat of the Hazelwood Girl guide integretity. What emerged from these quick catch up and discuss communication strategies was that I as District Leader was able to forward a very strong, pointed, logical stratagy that issued clear facts. 

Anyway at this point the person who orginally moved the motion stated that he was not happy with the decision to carry over the Honor Board topic. The President had to acknowledge him and let this CDCA member have the floor.  Poor Guy as he had no idea what he was in for.  At this point the President knew she was cornered.  Things were to come out into the open.  The member who had the floor had some very valid points that he believed were fair and honorable with the best objective and outcome in mind.  This being the case he was sure that to move the Honor Board into a position that everyone can view it would mean exposing the Board into the sun.  That --- Most Honor Boards are made of wood, highly polished with Gold plated lettering.  Damaged when in the sun and other weather issues.   --- That the CDCA should involve all the stake holders. The member fairly mentioned the list of stake holders he acknowledged. Noted the Guardians of the Hazelwood Honor Board were not on that stakeholder list. 
 At this point the floor was opened and discussion occurred.  Several other members and visitors added to the tabled topic.    
At the end of topic the President was it appeared going to quickly close the floor with the "its getting on in time and..." lets move the agenda on.  

Since I had had my hand up - having patiently waited until all others had had their say = the orginial member acknowledged my 'voice' waiting patiently to be heard. I thanked him for his recogition. 

Speaking though the chair I stated that as a Major stake holder I would like to have an opportunity to address the floor. (Nearly those words anyway)  Stated who I was and my positions in community.  Moved on to address the issues of: 
* Why the Guides had the Honor Board. 
* Why the hall was under utilized. ( The danger of getting run over as Soccer cars rushed for parking by cutting of the reserve, 
* Not being able to use the reserve for games, parking and entry to hall etc [ risk assessment word used] 
* The relocation back to the Glendonald building for meetings, 
* Waiting for Council to address the entry issues (build a new entrance way) 
* Building maintenance reports and bringing Hall up to current Latrobe City Council maintenance of building standards [work currently in progress]. 
* That this maintenance will be finalized when there is a front fence the same as the early photos of the Hazelwood South Hall have in them. 
* That the Hazelwood South Hall is still used by Guides for such things as togethers, BB Q's, overnight stays, camp items.
 * Why should anyone else be interested in what the Guides do there?  
* That the Hazelwood Honor Board was of Hazelwood names - not Churchill ones. 
* That the last remaining person alive on the board (as far as I knew) was Tom Lawless. 
* That having spoken to Tom on Tuesday I put to Tom removing the Honor Roll.  Tom was liveried and disgusted that 'I' wanted it removed!. toms mind was rested after I informed him that this was not the case.  Tom would try to do something about the removal to stop it. 
* That the Hazelwood and later the Churchill Girl Guide District were honored to be the Hazel wood Honor Boards guardians.  That would be the way it remained. 
* That should the Hazelwood Honor Board be removed I would go to Hazel wood North School or the public Hall across the road from it and ask them to have the honor of housing and protecting this board before it came into Churchill. 
*That the reason for this was that Churchill was not even 'born' when those people went to war. They fought for Hazel wood not Churchill. 
* That there was no need for applying to Government for a grant to fix the Honor Board.  The Honor Board was 'up graded' at least ten years ago. in time for the VJ VP day ceremonies.  Most of those attending looked on with blank faces. So I said " 50th celebrations of Victory in the Pacific" and had to again prompt with ".... end of second world war." That John Holt man had seen to this.  In answer to why it had been removed previously. 
* Previously we had a new District Leader in training with no ties to the area. Both Marlene (Previous District Leader)and David Ellis were members of this CDCA. I walked into Guides with one of my daughters one evening and Marlene made the announcement to other parents that the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District was closing down. That important fact, I as a leader had not even been informed of.
 * Previous District Leader then proceeded once again to divvy up / throw away further items from the hall and from the District. Against Guiding protocol and Guide Lines and what the leaders wanted.] 
* That we eventually found the Hazelwood Honor Board. It had been handed to the CDCA.  
 * When we requested that the Honor Board be returned. Explained it was not meant to have been removed from the Hazelwood South Hall the Honor Board was used as a prop for some shop window display in the CDCA current secretary (Rob Wheelans) parners shop window.  Left sitting exposed in the fierce / intense afternoon sun light.  That yes there may be damage to it.  If that is the case it has been because of the CDCA and things done under its name. 
* I did  not say that we [leaders] were up to the point of making a very private request become very public.  Before this we had been to Tom Lawless, John Holt man and other prominent public officials.  Allen apologized to me.  I think he and others thought I was insulted. I was.  They can think / know this too. Allen retracted the suggestion of removing the Hazelwood Honor Roll.  Someone did then say that recently photos had been taken. No one knew why though. Tom thinks the taking of the photos was so that the names can be used for some reason somewhere. I like the idea of making brass plates with the names inscribed to go on the new wall somewhere.  At the end of the meeting Margaret had to have a snip at the Guides stand though with a comment that in 20 years time when she is walking around Churchill with her Grandkids she would like to be able to take them to the pine tree, the rock, the 'monument', the pioneer wall and to see the Honor roll without having to wait till the Guides were meeting there or ask permission to go in.  My thought were 'tough luck'  as that is how it stands. Pretty sure my body language laughed at her.  

Susan Connor 
 Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District Leader.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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