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They arrived with a…


C.F.A Come on down to Guides.


When planning 2009 Tuesday program the girls decided to invite the CFA people to Guides. Little knowing that every one here would be so affected by the near by fires over the last two weeks.


Here are some of the pictures of the CFA ladies who came to our Girl Guide meeting today. And we did not scare them off…. so they are coming back too.


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? a Commitee of management

Hi there.   I am in the process of once again trying to establish a management committee for Hall.  One query has risen. As an independent committee they have to be registered as a committee with some government body.  Therefore they also have to have a constitution and ???  Where do I find out about all this?  Also attached is a copy of the Latrobe City Reserve proposal.  Not quite how sure they are placing the pathway across the front of the Hall.  But I'm not impressed with bollards being placed just there.  Leaves no adequate parking for either us, the gun club and/ emergency vehicles. The vehicle side lane effectively cuts any parking as it is currently out about 2/3rds.

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