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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Junior Birdsmen

Oh my goodness, oh my soul, here comes the junior j bird patrol!
Sing: Up in the air, junior birdsmen,
(Make thumb and forefinger goggles over eyes,)
Up in the air, upside down
(bend head low)
Up in the air, junior birdsmen,
With your noses to the ground.
When you hear the grand announcement,
(Hands cupped over ears,)
That your wings are made of tin,
(Flap wings)
Then you’ll know you’re a Junior birdsman,
(Goggle eyes)
So send your box tops in.
You need five boxtops,
(Five fingers up
Four bottle bottoms,
Four fingers up
Three labels,
Three fingers up
Two wrappers,
Two fingers up
One thin dime.
One linger up

(Traditional, North America Summer Camp)

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