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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Flag poles have their uses.

There are only three uses for a Flag pole.

The main use for a flag pole is to hold a Flag. More aptly known as “The Colors”. Another use for Flag Poles are to center the ropes that peg the flag pole down. The third use for a Flag Pole is to give the Color Party a Job.

Flag poles are not used as entertainment props, dance poles, spare tent poles, dilly bag lines, prospective spare kindling even or anything else other than a Flag Pole. Boaring! but true. Boils down to having respect for the “Colors” and what and who those the “Colors” represent.

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The front of the Hazelwood South Hall 2007

The front of the Hazelwood South Community Hall (south Eastern view). To the right is the Hazelwood South Reserve.

Actually now the bushy plants on the sides of the entrance have been severely trimmed back.

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