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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Unit Scarves near door.

From now on when we go into Guides we get the bag of scarves and put them near the door. Then we put one on for the night. After the meeting we leave them behind near the door…but not in the bag. That way the ones worn will be washed and made ready for nest week.
Our next job is to get the Unit flag stand ready to erect the flag. The Flag pole goes in the North side of the Building. That is where the roof is highest near the office door. A compass can be used to check this out.
After Guide and before the Color Party people put their scarves away they must put the Flag and its pole and the stand away.

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The Colour Guards Job desciption includes…

It is the Color Guards job to guide the Color Bearer from injury or harm. When the Color Bearer is carrying the Flag in the hoist she cannot see as the Flag pole and Colors are directly in her line of sight. For this reason the Color Guards stand so that their shoulders are able to Guide the Color Bearer. Nudging her to go one way away from possible danger or hazard.

The second job of the Color Guard is to assist in protecting the Flag – “the Colors”.
This job starts when the Flag is handed over to the Color Party until it is handed back and protectively stored away again.

The third job is to listen and respond to the Color Bearers commands. This then assists the Color Bearer to have a Uniform marching Color Party.

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Where do I stand in Colour Party?

Okay who is the main Guard of the flag? That is the Color Bearer?
There one Color Bearer and two Color Guards.
The Color Bearer stands in the middle with the color Guards on her left and her right side.

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Stay with the Flag

In day’s of old a Flag was a symbol of a group or tribe. Over the noise of battle soldiers could get easily confused and loose their direction. Different musical instruments were used to rally the soldiers on, call them back, give instructions and signal the winners or losers of the day. The winners obtained the others flag. Symbolising that the other team now ‘owned’ them.

So when the flag is away from it’s protective case /packing until it is folded and replaced back into safety those that are the primary guards of that Flag keep a very good eye on the Flags were-abouts.

Should a Flag be stolen for any reason the side missing their Flag belongs to the other…until they can retrieve it back.

The primary carer for the Flag usually has the most experiance of the Colour Party. This Primary Guard is the one who has the job of handling, carrying /presenting the colours etc. Her color party members also guard the Flag and the Primary Guard.

When there are other members of the Colour Party under training the responsibility of the Flag is still the Primary Guards. Thus the Flags protection belongs to one but is shared and cared for by all.

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28th November 2010.

A decision was made by the guides to wear the scarves, which scarves, where to put them so they were all available as they walked in the door and what to do with them after after the meeting.

A second decision was made with regard to the Unit Flag. Yes they would like the Unit Flag there when they are at Guides. Where was ‘there’ to be though.

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Nov 10th 2009.

This afternoon the theme of friendship was laced throughout the program. The things that were included into today’s program were: Flag protocol, making choices (Self Governance), helping someone else (lending a hand (LAH) or service to fellow man), what have we done so far ( Self-governance) what are we going to do (Power-steering, Event-Management),

not being afraid of asking questions, (self confidence) making a combined decision, (peer decision making) doing something from the decision, Preparation for a Guides Own, Doing our own ‘Guide’s own’, Closing the evening with taps.

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