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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Global Action Theme is known as GAT

Global Action that has been ”Changing the World’ has been happening through out Girl Guide and Girl Scout programs for over 100 years. Action themes may have occurred on a World Wide basis involving the Regions of Guiding working together through our World Association of Girl guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) right down to just an individual question,action or activity sparking off a patrol activity that may lead to an International activity.  Global Action keeps occurring on a multitude of levels within Guiding.

As the members get older sometimes they move away from Guiding as their career develops or interests evolve, or they may stay within the movement, but the essence of having experienced the GAT is there. Typically Leaders bring into Guide program what they themselves enjoyed as a Youth member as well as what their interests and life skills are now.

The essence of service is still service. Over the years many form of service have been built on.  Different badges have been provided. The Guides have worked towards these with different service awareness and methods utilized.

So how is the GAT so successful? Simple really.  WAGGGS influences to have a voice and to listen.  Then to speak out, look at root causes and do projects.  While this occurs the Guides are learning.  And the life skills and interest circles are quietly going around still into the next generations.

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Who can come to Girl Guides

Like the drought breaking rain that the area is currently experiencing the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District is setting out wipe away the dust, shake off the cobwebs and get involved in the local community. Objective of this is to increase our membership base.
Recently World Thinking Day occurred.  The first Ice Cream fund way back in the early days of Guiding History had every member participating in one little service.  They stopped eating ice cream for one week.  Save their pennys and thrupences and sent them to England.  Lady Baden-Powell had this money from all over the world to use.  Collectively the money was pooled together and went towards the first Guide Houses front door frame and door.  Everyone owned a part of it.  Every Girl Guide or Girl Scout could go through those doors and be welcomed.
Girl Guides replicates itself.  The system is good.  So back here on ground level everyone is made welcome.  Thus said bulling and ground turf infighting from the outside of those welcoming door will not stop those who want to attending Girl guides from attending, being welcomed and being safe.  As girl Guides our Duty of Care is not only to all Girl Guides but also to our environment. The air we breath and so forth.

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Girl Guide Australia Mission Statement:

To enable girls and young women to grow into confident,
self-respecting, responsible community members.

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Whose responsible for what?

Hi Sue,  If a committee of management is appointed by DSE, they are appointed using  the Crown Land (Reserves) Act 1978 and there is no requirement for them to  have a constitution. However we do offer our committees of management a  template if they wish to create one to help with the management  arrangements of the reserve.  Please note, you will not be responsible for putting together a committee  of management - this is something that DSE does that may involve holding a  public meeting or calling for expressions of interest through local  newspapers.  Im still yet to receive any confirmation from the Girl Guides that they  would like us to commence this process. Until then, the hall is licensed  to the Girl Guides for them to use for girl guide activities. It is not a  public hall and is not available for community use at this point in time.  Thank you for providing me with a copy of Latrobe City Council's reserve  proposal. I ask that you forward your concerns to Council for  consideration.  Regards,     susanc@speedweb.com.au  16/04/2009 04:22 PM  To Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au cc  Subject Hazelwood South Hall

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Older Guides fundraising with a ‘make a craft stall’

The Churchill Girl Guides read about a challenge the 1st Cairns Ranger Guides did some year previously. Their challenge was that the 1st Cairns Ranger Guides (14 to 18’s ) had set up a craft day. Sounded like they had so much fun on this day that the Churchill Guides wanted to copy their endevours.

So as the 1st Cairns Ranger guides did so to did the Churchill Guides. Since there were fewer Churchill Guides able to help their were fewer tables to be set up.
– Cairns set up about 25 different crafts and the materials tables, Churchill set up six tables.
– Samples of the finished craft were needed. Churchill looked around the hall, the office and their homes to see what was cmpleted and still there.
– The Churchill Guides found that they wanted to try something on another table. Off they went leaving no one who knew what to do at their table. Off course they were constantly being called back to assist someone else.
– Since everything was there on hand theCghurchill guides only charged $1.00 not the $3.00 the 1st Cairns ones did.
– The girls did as many crafts as appealed to them. The variety meant there was something for everyone.
– The same crafts the 1st Cairns girls used the Churchill ones offered too. The crafts included:

Egyptian beads,
paper making,
paper marbling,
3D cards,
Australian animal mobiles,
wool people,
trefoils made with the plastic rings from two litre milk containers,
crystal gardens,
book making.
Everyone had a lot of fun mixing together and doing their best at having nimble fingers fully occupied. Yes there was a bit of money made as well.
A few years later some of the then younger Girl Guides were older. Instead of having another craft day they wanted a market to happen.

Written by Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Tea cup biscuits

Since teddies need a ‘cuppa of tea’ for refreshment and they do not want to get wet these little cups were made for all. The Guides actually had their drink bottles too.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Using Play Dough for teddies friends.

The Guides love using playdough to make teddy’s friends. Even better if they can be convinced that using real dough and cooking then eating it won’t hurt their Teddies friendship . Can be quite an enlightening time for the adults.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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During the Black Saturday aftermarth these brave Teddies

During the 2009 Black Saturday Fire aftermath these brave teddies came out to play. The Guide unit had planned a Teddy Bears picnic to be occuring during the Fire time. No one could make it there on the day.

We photographed the bears coming, planned the food, sorted out the activites, worked out a root to take the teddy bears on and all this fell in a heap as others things were sorted out.

But the good news is that not one of these teddies was lost to the Fires.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Guide Law Song

The Guide law song is a catchy song to the tune of Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Written aimed at Phillipine Girl Guides the Laws are very similar to the Australian Guide Laws.

Guide Law Song Sung to the tune of “This Old Man”.
Guide Law one, loyal and fun,
Loyal and fun says Guide Law one,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the first Guide Law.
Guide Law two, helpful you, *i Helpful you says Guide Law two, Helping other people, learning more and more, Guides be true to the second Guide Law.
Guide Law three, considerate be,
Considerate be says Guide Law three,
Helping …….. «
Guide Law four, friendship sure, Friendship sure says Guide Law four, Helping ……..
Guide Law five, animals alive, Animals alive says Guide Law five, Helping ……..
Guide Law six, 0-be-d-ient , 0-be-d-ient, says Guide Law six, Helping ……..
Guide Law seven, smile or gladden, Smile or gladden says Guide Law seven, Helping ……..
Guide Law eight, never be late, Never be late says Guide Law eight, Helping ……..
Guide Law nine, care of yours and mine, Care of yours and mine says Guide Law nine, Helping ……..
Guide Law ten, good citizen,
Good citizen says Guide Law ten,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the tenth Guide Law.

This song was orginally published in the old Girl Guide magazine ‘Matildia’ in the mags Training Pages.

Enjoy learning the sang. Onece learned it is hard to get rid of from your head.

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and we shook hands with..

The left handshake is a Link of Unity amongst the Girl Guides and Girl Scouts the world over. Representing a let down of shields and a trust in the other person.

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