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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Who needs a Guiding Police Check and a Working with Children Check?

There are certain mandatory things that there is NO getting around or away from.  These mandatory things are there for a reason.

This being so if any adult is to have contact with the girls and Guide Youth in our care it is in our “Duty of Care” to have both a Police Check done through the Guiding and a Working with Children check.  The Working with Children check paperwork is picked up through the Post Offices around Australia.  The applicant needs photo ID, bills, Licenses, passports, marriage certificates, divorce papers that type of stuff  used for personal identification.  The form is filled out, for the numbers needed and address of the organisation see the District Leader.and then an Identity Photo is taken.  This identity photo is similar to a passport photo but it is a bland type of photo.  No laughing, makeup, glasses etc.

The Police check is available on line or in hard copy to fill out.  If you prefer a hard Copy see the District Leader.

Police Checks are sent off to Guide Centre Melbourne. While the Working with Children’s Check is sent directly to the appropriate office again in Melbourne.

When the District Team members, subcommittees members and the Gipps Guides who are handling Guide Money they need a Police Check done through Guide Center.

Having these made manadatory relieves everyone else of worry. The District Leader knows where the other person stands with their Police Checks and is able to allocate jobs that either have money involvement or not.  No questions asked as to the whys and wherefore by any other person..

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The yearly Region Dinner

Every Year the Region hosts a Region Dinner.  2010’s is on the 29th August.  This dinner is an open invite to all adults in the District – Guiding Team Members, the Olave Program [The Gipp’s Guides] members and the Leaders, Unit Helpers and District Leaders.  Since everyone who is over 18 years and is stake holder in this District Guiding “modis opperandi” why not come to the Dinner.  Yes there are guest speakers.  The meals are usually pretty good too.  Sorry folks but it is a pay for self when you attend. Interested then Contact District Leader and put forward your name before 1st August.

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Our Unit Uniforms

Organisations need a public facade representing who, what and where the organisation came from, what they represent and are part of their history..  Their Uniforms with colors and insignia represent the united front of that organisation. Sometimes the uniforms alter when significant happenings occur within that organisation.

Guiding Uniforms have changed at least four times that I have known.  There was the long sleeved blue Girl Guide Uniform that was worn in England, Australia and New Zealand in the 1970’s when I was a Girl Guide. And of course their Unit Scarves, white socks and black shoes. The Brownies had a brown long sleeve uniform with yellow tie thing brown socks and black or brown shoes. In the 1950s the Brownie Guide Uniform had a brown scarf.

When gumnuts were introduced into Australia in the very early 1990’s the Uniforms changed once again.  All the other sections [Brownies (7 to 10 .5 yrs], Girl Guides (10 to 15 yrs), Ranger Guides (14 to 18 years)  Rangers *(18 to 25 ( the 30 yrs)) and leaders (18 plus)] had a mid blue skirt or collots.  Sections were color coded.  Yellow T shirt for  Brownies, light blue for Guides,  Blue cotton (in Victoria White Cotton) for the Ranger Guides.  The Rangers, (who when the age changed so to had the name to Olave Program) wore a cotton blue shirt, and the Leaders a white shirt with a Guide Leaders print all over it [ AKA the where’s wally shirt]

For the Brownies and Guides the sash was a handy place to sew on the badges as bodies of this age just grew in every direction.  Once into the Ranger Guide section the badges were basically sewn onto the sleeves or pinned onto the chest area. The Olave Program and the leaders wore a tab where most of the relevant badges were placed.

In the middle 1990’s the then Victorian State Leader (Jane Scarlet) made several interesting public comments.  The first was that the only uniform the Guides were expected to actually wear was their Guiding smile and the clock of the Guides Promise and Law around her. [Would have made interesting wearing in our Australian weather!].  However on a practical scale the public expected a uniform to be worn.  So the next statement was that each Unit could have a Unit Uniform along with a camp uniform.

Basically our problem was that at the time the girls culture was one of not wearing uniforms anywhere..not to school, clubs, groups etc.  The youth wanted to fit in and be one as other.  The mass choice of having no individual identify meant less rejection from your peers in the turbulent time of social, financial, educational, technological and mass media change. In their eyes something had to remain stable.  This choice of being non-uniform was one way of believing they were having a say in their lives.

As society changes so do do the communities that are laced through out them. Uniform changes were coming though. Firstly State Primary Schools were in the process of introducing school colors.  After a few years all the school colors became enforceable as school uniforms. Then the local Collage brought through school colors which in turn became school uniform.  The T shirt tops became a choice of cotton or t shirt.  Blazers and cardigans, jumpers all had the schools logos sewn into them. A few years later the girls were reintroduced to a more up to fashion kilt that was available to wear as part of the local high school uniform.

In this Hazelwood and Churchill District it was known that not all parents could not afford a uniform. Uniform money was going into school wear.  Other Units either held a uniform bank or insisted that before the Girls could make their Guide Promise there uniform had to be purchased from the Guide shop. those who could not afford the uniforms simpily left believing that a uniform was necessary to be a Guide.

The Churchill Unit was different.  The then District Leader (Mrs Kath Tanian) wanted to explore “The New Way” of Guiding. The encouragement was full fold and unconditional as long as the essence of the Girl Guide promise and laws were taught and lived to each persons best…. including the Leaders.

What was found was that as the Guides got out and did things, their confidence grew.  They felt happy and looked after.  The parents trusted that their girls were in good care.  Slowly the uniforms were being wanted to be worn by the Guides and support came from families.  If old uniforms could be found in cupboards or second hand shops they were handed out to the Guides. Even today the Guides are happy to recieve these tops and sashes as most fear that their parents are unable / unwilling to afford their girls these Uniform luxarys of ‘belonging’.  When Uniforms are recieved  they were usually clean and ready to go by the next meeting time or event. Or a similar top is found. The Guides are gaining self respect and pride in what they can and are doing as individuals, as a team and as part of the wider Guiding world. Therefore they earn their merit as an individual through giving back into their Patrol and Unit.

From past experience no badges are given out now unless they are safety pinned onto the sash.  It is expected that these badges be sewn onto the sash by the very next week. Gradually a Uniformed presence was seen as the Guides made their way to various events in Melbourne or around this area.

It is now the 100th birthday of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts around the World. The Australian uniform has changed one again.  Posters were sent out and are now on display where the Guides of the Hazelwood and Churchill District  meet.  There have been discussions as to which uniform each girl would like to have.  Some want the collar ones others the V necked ones.  But which uniform will accommodate the metal badges of the 14 to 18 year olds?

At a  Hazelwood and Churchill District meeting a Gipp’s Guide offered to form a sub-committee to fund raise through the local Woolworth’s fundraising ‘tent’ towards the new Uniforms. Dates are being set and updates posted on this as things progress. The subcommittee will involve members of both the Gipps Guides, the District team and others that Jess knows who are willing to help.

The Guides are now once again having pride in their presentation.  They want to bee seen to help fund raise for the new uniform. Currently the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides are standing on the precipis of an ownership energy flow from the Guides, the families and District team.  One that is moving forward revitalization of the guiding spirit in the  with all this activity.  It’s a good feeling to be around too.

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Online Training Program through Guide Center

What a fantastic opportunity for busy trainee Leaders.  The CEO has reported that the following has now begun. [Saturday 17 April 2010]
  • “Guiding Awareness and the Leadership Development are now available to be undertaken  online. Please contact Brenda for more information about how to undertake these 2 modules online.
And that the Training Department is now working on converting some FD modules into online modules. We will keep everyone updated on the                          progress of development of these new modules.

Online Training ProgramGuiding Awareness and the Leadership Development are now available to be undertakenonline. Please contact Brenda for                    more information about how to undertake these 2 modulesonline.The Training Department is now working on converting some FD modules into                        online modules. ”

Things are happening in Guide Center that make all our lives easier.  That is if we choose this online system to tackle this module of training.

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Revitalizing the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District

A few years ago the Hazelwood and Churchill District was holding on for dear life.

The Leaders knew that Guiding offered so much to so many people. But the challenges were more than low, continuously changing membership within the District.

But how to revitalize the membership that was experiencing low energy levels which in turn created more problems such as a sense of uncertainty. People were busy.  In this area family commitments, job and TV held peoples attention so adding to these was a major want. Finding the “sell” feature a major challenge.

One major challenge was the major gap in Leadership of the actual District.  The position of Region Leader was  filled. The only person at the time in the District able to take on the position of District Leader was impressed with the new Region Leader. So  this leader put her name forward and was voted as District Leader.

The challenge was to overcome the negative people factors and somehow bring out the best in people. Effectively setting up and developing a management system that was functional, rewarding and manageable, but owned by the people involved directly with the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District was achievable, but would take time. was time going to be an ally… a good question posed that needed answers quickly. Then came the changes on a management level within the District.  The changes needed to come in but they the changes also needed to be understood well by all and actually supported.  Guides Victoria began handing over the reins to the Younger adult members around 2000.  These members were assisted in there management skills , supported and encouraged with making a go of it. So the Gipps Guides are among other team members creating intergrated Subcommittees and getting on with ‘it’. One such subcommittee is the Jump-Rope-for Heart activity one.

The management of the District was formalised so that  SWOT’s and Risk analysis had to be done. Through District Leaders meetings items discussed previously were formalized.   The District assets were relooked at. For in stance how was the lease on the Hazelwood South Hall  and the challenges associated with this hall  and its maintenance an asset?

There is so much to offer the members within Guiding that each Leader was given a job to do meaning that each leader is asked to organise one event, service or activity. Different lists were drawn up and a selection was offered. There are different levels of activity available.  Some are aimed at families, others at the District team,  Full member ship that may be Leaders, Unit Helpers and Youth or just at the Youth Member Level.

In order to achieve the challenge give she must work with a sub-committee. reporting to through either the District Leaders or team meetings or the Gipps Guides meetings. Effectively shortening the duration of both minutes taken along with the meetings length while widening the scope of the meetings. Updates and reports to be channelled through the ours2share.wordpress.com medium.

The sub committee may consist of outside members of Guiding. May be male and female.  Even belong to other organisations.  What is to be recognized is that no one person has all the skills or networks needed. Active participation does not require tons of effort.  Just a marshaling of other peoples skills and a guidance of the delegation required. There three things are achieved.

A) the public become aware that Guiding in this District is not ‘dead’. Indeed is again beginning to flourish.

b) People gain skills and knowledge and thus self esteem levels grow.

c) Membership levels increase. Participation levels increase. Sub-committee assistance is easier as when something is alive people want to help and getting involved is helping.

d) The positive energy being directed into making things happen within the District feeds off each thing that happens. When things happen members do not feel that their input is down graded.  Uplifting occurs on many levels.

The District management was to change.  Rather than have a District support group a District Team was created.  The underpinning idea was to have positive adult input into the Guide District management.  The basis of which is that adults are the ones that okay a Youth Members Application to join Guides. If the adults in the community actually got to know who the Leaders  less negative ‘Word of Mouth’ publicity would occur.  Instead the interest in being a member of the District team would create a positive impact within the community.  The District team would organize various activities and events for other members within the community and as a level of Guiding within the District may also assist with other actual District events, service and events that families within Guiding were attending. So we started by once again having Jota/i, parades, family BB’s there.  But was this enough with the changes near the hall coming.

Logically where would the Youth Members go once they were adults.  It had been observed by the District Leader that once an eleven year old Guide had the idea formed that there was nothing after, except being a Leader, so negative concepts had a place to take root.

Concurrently, as there was a need for the District Team, there was also a need for the Olave Program to be revitalized as well.  The registered local Olave Program was known as the Gipp’s Guides. A nucleus of adults formed, a calendar was worked on, positions were worked towards. There are subcommittees being formed that deal with Uniform fundraising, jump rope for heart through the Gipp’s Guides and involving the wiser community. Members of the Gipp’s Guides are actively learning about management of people, committees and bring out the best within people as they are involving themselves in the District Sub-committees such as the Morning Tea Sub-committee. Learning by doing.  When and if these Gipps Guide’s are wanting to move into other fields or become involved with committees in either Guiding on other levels or in their wider community they will have set standards and management tools already learned and practiced. The rational of which is that in aiming for a certain set standard and achieving tangible outcomes will bring about a sense of achievement, public awareness, positive energy and pride.

The District membership had to grow. Some of the team members, leaders and the Gipps Guides brought other people into the District. Members may have had children, nieces, aunties and friends, some of which were females.  Those girls who were five and over have joined into the Youth program side of Guides.  Some of the members have answered there call to become trainee leaders.  Others have joined into the District team.  Offering help and assistance as their time, qualifications and paper work allow them to participate. Thus supporting their own partners, family members and definitely their daughters within this District’s Guiding.

So far the outcomes are supporting  the Districts objectives and five year plan.

A major challenge for the District Leader and Leaders was the revitalisation of the Youth Members thought towards themselves, their abilities and thus what and how they had belief in their actual programs.  Having the support of others on the District , their Parents and family members helped.  But what about their friends and peers. The main obstacle was the belief that other organisations were better was held by many in those organisations.  This was a good thing for those organisations but the influences on our District was negative.  So ownership in many small areas is a major tactic tool for advancing the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide Districts Youth Program.  Through the acceptance of ownership other things had to be understood.  Gaining this knowledge bases includes governance, making decisions, patrol system, traditions, having a voice, being creative in their approach to challenges, brainstorming, mind mapping and seeing things through til the evaluation.  Accepting things may not go well this time but theres other benefits that occur.

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patrol Activity through the Rac Wac’s.

Sometimes when the Rac Wac has been planned the idea was that:

Each patrol was to follow a different route to an appropriate destination ( accompanied by an adult with first aid kit and a car).  The year that we were to try this out everything was cancelled, delayed or rearranged due to the Fires that were / had been ranging around Churchill for nearly a month.

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