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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Evaluation form : Use of the Hazelwood [South] Hal

Evaluation form
Use of the Hazelwood [South] Hall
Evaluation is an important part of any activity.  Your evaluation in what is happening, what you felt, would like to see happen and how you would like to be involved is an important part of this process too.
Have you enjoyed yourself?                                                                    Yes  No
Food and refreshment okay?                                      YES NO
Is the area addequate?                                              YES NO

If you could do ‘it’ better what would ‘it’ be?

(Have you written this for the suggestion box?                 YES NO

Do you feel there is a necessity for these get togethers? YES NO

Does the Hazelwood South Hall meet your requirments? Yes No
What were your requirements?

Would other get togethers be  supported by you?       YES NO

Frequency More than once a month?

Once a month?

Once every two months?

Four times a year?


Will you bring someone else to the “next one’?
                                                                                  YES NO

Helping out – the big question? Is there something that you can assist with for the next get together to be done?
                                                                                 YES NO

Are you happy to have joined as an associate member the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District Team?
                                                                               YES NO

The Hazelwood and Churchill District Team have a management meeting this month.  Would you like to attend?
                                                                             YES NO
The Hazelwood and Churchill District Team have direct access to the Hazelwood South Hall.

Are there any uses that this hall can be utilized for  / activites/ events you would assist and support the use of this hall with?
                                                                        YES NO

On behalf of the Hazelwood and Churchill girl guide District Team:
Thank you for taking the time to fill out and return this questioner.

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‘Hoon’ driver during overnight camp play time.

When the District had an overnight stay a five year old youth member of Guides was walking near the front of the Hazelwood [South] Halls north eastern corner. A white Ute came came from the South (New Soccer club room area) towards the Hazelwood [South] Halls off road entrance / exit.. The Guide was running around just playing. None of us expected that a ‘hoon‘ would travel quickly over to this exit. During this time the ‘Hoon‘ driving just about collided with the young Guide. Should this have happened there was nothing we could have done except phone emergency services.

Unfortunately the Ute was either travelling too fast for an accurate number plate identification to be taken, or the number plate was on the wrong vehicle. When the incident was immediately reported to the police response was that the police could not do anything about this incident.
The soccer club secretary and also the President were informed at different times. their response was that the incident did not happen. We were making it up.

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