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Why change the lease arrangements?

No one actually knows why the lease agreement was changed from a management committee to having the lease only under the Hazelwood Girl Guide District. Now known as the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District on the lease.

It is remembered that the Department of Sustainability and Environment was just one Government Department that had big changes occurring during this time.

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From: Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au
Date: Mon, February 16, 2009 8:04 am
To: susanc@speedweb.com.au
Priority: Normal
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Hi Susan,  Could you please provide details regarding the 
sign and "gorilla garden"  you wish to construct on the 
Crown land as you will need to obtain written  consent from
 DSE prior to the commencement of works. Details I need  
include a map showing where the sign and garden will be 
placed and a  description of works involved.  
  susanc@speedweb.com.au  12/02/2009 04:44 PM 
 To Tarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.au cc  

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Sun, March 1, 2009 email to DSE

Tarnia  Thankyou.  Now  I have a step by step written working plan that I can clearly follow. I can also place this plan of action in the Management log book as well as in the District Guiding correspondance in.  In your last email  2nd paragrah  third line "...you need to  DES then consider..."  is there something missing?  I'll ask Debbie where the written down property boundary details that you have provided are stored.  Thankyou for sending these to here as previously requested.  As of last week (Wednesday) the leak next to the Hazelwood South Community Hall is still leaking.  Not sure if Debbie has contacted any one again about this leak but I am bringing it to your attention again.  Thought that the fire emergency plan may have involved plumbers,  therefore they may have had more important things to deal with.  Thanks once again.  Susan Connor District Leader Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide Leader.  

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Leave things as they currently are re lease.

29th April 2009 Reply to DSE re Hazelwood [South] Hall lease decision.

> Hi there  Currently leave things as they are.  Will review next year.  At the moment our District Team are still sounding out other groups.  But, hit a brick wall here.

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