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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

MINUTES from the District Leaders meeting 9th March 2010

Attending  Debbie and Susan

Appologies   Rebecca and Kira.


District Leader message:

Welcome to Girl Guides in Hazelwood and Churchill.

Minutes read and accepted.


  • Treasurer : Total in District Account as of Today = $108.8.
  • another $57 odd  from Ritchies.  Thank you everyone for spending at Ritchies thus the District gets get a donation.
  • Pay truenergy. Although there is still problems with the reading of the meter board on their behalf.  Debbie is constantly rephoning with orginal numbers phoned ion and the bill is constantly being resent a second time.
  • Guide bill from November has been paid by donation.
  • Content Insurance to be paid. Write a letter to include the contents at the Office as well as Hazelwood South Hall.
  • Secretary
  • Communication
  • The blogs have been combined into one. Ours2share.wordpress.com.  Still a massive amount of information to go into this District blog.  WordPress will allow xp to be directly down loaded.  So now others can help with information processing please.  Encourage parents to use this method of information.  Problem with the older links – which will take time to correct.
  • 2010 Calendar
  • Outdoor Committee
  • Region Leaders meeting.
  • End of year formal meal
  • Service to the community
  • Churchill festival.
  • Playgroup
  • Unit ages
    • Still being developed as the year moves on.  The calendar of the Gipps Guides is not being used.
    • Attended. Canoes had a lot of time.  Upgrading life jackets and boats to be assessed.  Leaders needed to be reassessed
    • Ev Graham day discussed.
    • Extra books at barbaras to be picked.
    • Australia Awards why do we not utilize as a Region.
    • Send photos as they are taken.
    • Good time had by all. Report and 2010 one on Ours2share.wordpress.com
    • Reported to Region Leader.
      • Car show, Halloween facepainting, CDCA, Churchill Festival 2010, ANZAC DAY, Australia day,
    • Date changed to April 17th
    • Needing leaders and more members to day different times.  Action: Find leaders first.

Business arising:
see General Business /Reports

General Business

  • Ev Graham day.
  • Pancake and picklet day.
  • Multicultural day.
    • Hot tap
      • Hot and cold tap in toilets need attention.  Hot water comes out of cold tap.  Action: Contact Latrobe City Council again.
      • Keys
        • Key to office needed by Rebecca. Action: Contact Latrobe City Council.
        • Hazelwood South Hall – key needed to computers to be brought out to the Hazelwood South Hall. Copy of front door key to Gerald and Marya. Action- Copy
      • Computers- we have a list for these to be given away.
      • Face Painting: request from a party. Action If possible Susan will attend.
      • Hazelwood South Hall. Bricks still to be removed. Quite a few have been.  Hall left in reasonable condition.  On ours2share.wordpress there are booking/ cleaning and maintenance posts.
      • Overnight Stay – cost $20.00 per participant.  If there is extra money then it is to go into camp account.
      • Extra books Action pick up from Barbara by Debbie.  Look Wide/ Look Wider Still and Aim High to be got through Guide Center.  Action : Finance them with what?
      • CDCA- Susan has attended.  Has corrected the perception that the Hazelwood Honor Board is in disrepair.  Note the Comment made re condition of Honour Board in Churchill News page 4 11 MARCH2010..
      • New Leaders: have contacted Volunteer coordinator in Melbourne.  Region Leader is aware of need for more leaders so that although small the Guide meeting times will flourish.  New leaders expected to train this year and to bring through their life skills.
      • Uniform. Sizes all wrong but District Leader feels there is a need to have a fresh look as a focal point for revamping the District.  Acknowledged the difficulty of financing new uniforms for both Leaders and Guides
      • Re /Training.  First Aid is a must.
      • Guide Biscuits:  Used through guide time.
      • Jota/ Joti : Occurring again in October.  The Radio Club has applied for their own Jota call sigh for the weekend.  This year to occur on the Sunday 17th starting time is early am. Action ; keep in touch. Write information on ours2share.
    • Train two patrols for the day.
    • Will hold again next year first term 1st March 2011.
    • Photos taken.
    • Patrol activities to be encouraged: Multicultural day, library visit, overnight stay, Rac Wac.

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Heads Held High

Disabilities are many where people are concerned. How people react to their disabilities as well as how other people react and inter-react with those who have disabilities will change as knowledge and experience change both in our community, our daily situations and ourselves.

Guiding has many opportunities for both those with or without disabilities.  Learning about and exploring different aspects of disabilities helps all of us in our daily lives.  To this end always has been Service Badges that the members of guiding can work towards.  Enjoy finding out more about what and how these various badges have worked over the decades.  gain a wider knowledge of what other badges have entailed and what different generations of girl guides  have done towards earning these Service orientated badges.  Where possible follow ons have been hyper-linked for your interests.  Having a glimpes of what and where a simple service assistance has taken various Guides may help you better understand the Service components of being a Girl Guide in the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides.

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‘of the monument’ are tricky little words.

With this tactic in mind the last three words in the paragraph … “of this monument” bear significant meaning.

“Another agenda item of ‘historical’ interest concerned the Hazelwood Honor Roll.  CDCA sought advice from local stakeholders abs some of our knowledgeable local history sources regarding the location and condition of this item of historic interest.  We are informed that it is in good condition and on view in the Hazelwood South Hall, where our local Guides act as careful custodians of this monument.

The articlethat this paragraph that this article comes from is printed in The Churchill & District News of  Issue Number 81 – 11 MARCH  2010 page 4 – paragraph ten.

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Robs reply to Email re Honor Board [to CDCA and Issues]

Subject:   RE: in rely to CDCA and Issues
From:   “Rob de Souza-Daw”
Date:   Sun, February 28, 2010 11:17 pm
To:   susanc@speedweb.com.au
Priority:   Normal
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Sue, thanks for the email.

I make the following points-
1. I will forward a photo of the Honour Board as an attachment with the
common email in
the next few days.
2. I am not sure how many of the WWII servicemen and women listed on
the Honour
Board are still alive but in addition to Tom Lawless, the three Fox
sisters are alive.
3. I wish to view the early photos of the Hazelwood South Hall and may
wish to obtain
digital copies.
4. The expression- They fought for Hazelwood- is incorrect. None of
people listed on the
Honour Board enlisted at Hazelwood, some enlisted after they left
the Hazelwood
district and a few never lived at Hazelwood although they attended
the Hazelwood South State School.
5. I am the person who has taken photos of this Honour Board and
others. It is for my
own project relating to the commemorations of servicemen and women
of any era from Hazelwood (including Churchill). I am seeking to
identify men and women who have
lived in Hazelwood (as defined) for some part of their lives and
have served full-time in the Australian, colonial or allied forces. Many
of the veterans, for different reasons
are not listed on any Honour Board.
6. I am opposed to the suggestion that the names on this Honour Board
be duplicated for another purpose as the Board contains inaccuracies
and is not complete.

More details will follow when I have completed and forwarded the email.


Rob [de sauz daw]

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The CDCA 24th Feb 2004 minutes are incorrect.

7:00pm Wednesday 24th February 2010
Churchill and District Community Hub
Philip Parade Churchill
President         Margaret Guthrie
Vice Pre
Secretary         Rob Whelan
Treasurer         Charles Uber  
Peter McShane
Alan Scarlett (Monash Rep)
Dan Jordan JP (MUGSU Rep)
Teresa Pugliese ( Latrobe City)
Ian Gibson (Latrobe City)
Ron Bunn
Bruce Stephenson
Michael Tynan
CHAIR           Margaret Guthrie
5. Other business arising from previous minutes
5.1 Hazelwood South Honor Roll 
The meeting was advised that Tom Lawless (stakeholder) has recommended not applying for funding this year and that interested parties should develop an ongoing strategy for the Roll.
NOTE Allen retracted the orginial proposal as he was lead to believe that the Hazelwood Honor Roll was damaged.

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Fair comments made from members of the Public re Hazelwood Honor Board relocation.


  • ” What do the CDCA mean move the Hazelwood Honor Board into Churchill. It stays in Hazelwood.”…
  • ” My relatives names are in Morwell. I go to more well when I show my grandkids their relatives names. These same names are on the Australian War Museums Memorial Wall. Should I make the Australian War Memorial move to Churchill so I can see their names?”

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Should Churchill have been named Hazelwood?

Many of the families around the Latrobe Valley that I have spoken too to this day feel that the naming of Churchill was an underhanded political move by the then Government of Australia which at the time did not listen to the people that it claimed to represent.

After two generations went to war believing that they were sent to protect their homes and families the returned Hazelwood peoples had not only first hand witnessed carnage and manslaughter but their home and harth had changed dramatically.

The faming and family culture that they had left had changed by the time those on the Hazelwood Honor Board had returned home.

People were maimed, broken or crushed not only from the fighting while in the service, but families suffered educationally, financially, in health and in every other way known and not known at the time The suffering was not contained to them who went but was occurring back at home where none had a voice to change what was happening. Those that may have spoken out were too worn out to do so.The suffering just kept lingering on.when they returned..

It was in this climate that the local, State and Australian Government of the time were seen to back big business and ignore those very people on the Hazelwood Honor Board who went away.

In this climate of distrust and apparent broken promises the vote for a town name was made. Churchill name is said to have won by a slim margin. Their are other towns, some in other countries, in the same error, that have a similar historical ‘vote’ for the name ceremony. People do not like change. Especially when the change involves their heritage, home or identifty. But worst still they do not like to feel cheated with issues unresonved festering away within them. The people of these areas still today carry a bitterness at the feeling of being cheated.

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Guides Honor.

* The Hazelwood (and later the Churchill) Girl Guide District were honored to be the Hazelwood Honor Boards guardians. This understanding still remains unless the District formally closed down according to Girl Guides Australia Guide Lines. This being the case previsions have already been set in District Leader minutes. Until this time and should this unforneit turn of events occur the leas on the Hazelwood South Hall would be forfitted and the Hazelwood Honor Board would find another home in Hazelwood. This was the orginal understanding, the way it remained for over fifty years and the way the Hazelwood Honor Board will be housed in the future.

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Firery reaction From Tom Lawless.

* Having spoken to Tom Lawless on Tuesday I put to Tom the thought of removing the Honor Roll.

Tom was liveried and disgusted that ‘ I ‘ wanted it removed!. Toms mind was rested after I informed him that this was not the case.

Tom would try to do something about the removal to stop it. Beware Tom Lawless is on the war path.

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Why a Hazelwood Honor Board anyway?

* The Hazelwood Honor Board was of Hazelwood names – not Churchill ones.

* The last remaining person alive on the board (as far as I knew) was Tom Lawless.

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