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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Heads Held High

Disabilities are many where people are concerned. How people react to their disabilities as well as how other people react and inter-react with those who have disabilities will change as knowledge and experience change both in our community, our daily situations and ourselves.

Guiding has many opportunities for both those with or without disabilities.  Learning about and exploring different aspects of disabilities helps all of us in our daily lives.  To this end always has been Service Badges that the members of guiding can work towards.  Enjoy finding out more about what and how these various badges have worked over the decades.  gain a wider knowledge of what other badges have entailed and what different generations of girl guides  have done towards earning these Service orientated badges.  Where possible follow ons have been hyper-linked for your interests.  Having a glimpes of what and where a simple service assistance has taken various Guides may help you better understand the Service components of being a Girl Guide in the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides.

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EMERGENCY EVACUATION of Hazelwood South Hall


The Hazelwood South Community Hall

· Fire

· Gas leak

· Bomb

A register will be maintained to enable accurate checks of those on site.

Emergency Assembly Plan for Hazelwood South Community Hall.

1. An emergency may be identified by anyone present.

2. Event Leader in Charge (LiC) is to be informed immediately.

3. LiC takes immediate steps to verify reported emergency and determines the severity (class of emergency) and responds accordingly.


All present follow Emergency procedures as directed by LiC

At this signal

STOP What you are doing immediately.

LOOK To the Leader in Charge

LISTEN The LiC’s instructions

OBEY Carmly do as the LiC has told you…now.

GO To To the designated assembly area.

1. Event LiC or other designated person immediately picks up the attendance register and gathers participants at the designated Emergency Area.

2. Designated First Aider immediately takes First Aid Kit, checks all rooms and assists group members to the Assembly Area.

3. Any other leader or visiting personnel present immediately assembles with the group at the Assembly Area.

4. Event LiC calls a roll according to the attendance register to check that all members on site at the time are accounted for.

5. If a member of the group is unaccounted for at the roll call, the LiC will co-ordinate a search.


7. If required, the assembled group proceeds in an orderly speedy manner to the Emergency Evacuation Place as directed by Emergency Personnel.

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Where would the Hazelwood Honor Board go?

There are District Leaders meeting minutes that state that should the Hazelwood Honor Board be removed the Hazelwood and Churchill District would go to Hazelwood North School or the Public Hall across the road from it and ask them to have the honor of housing and protecting this board.

The main reasons for this is three fold.
  • The first being that the reason for this was that Churchill was not even ‘born’ when those people went to war. These pioneers fought for Hazelwood, not Churchill as Churchill was not even invented then. The Churchill Township / residental area was Hazelwood.

  • The second being that among the ‘Hazelwood’ generations (older members especially) and their families their is animosity still towards the political of ‘the day’ when the implanted town became known as Churchill. Effectively honoring a politician rather than honoring those generations of pioneers who changed the land for grazing.
  • Just because some members in a ‘towns’ population thinks that they have the numbers therefor what they so happens is not the case. What this attitude is is political abuse of percieved power and down right abuse. Hazelwood and the generational ties to the area must be allowed a fair and equal voice. Opinions are always simmering below the surface.

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The District Leaders comments re The Honor Rolls condition

For some strange reason Allen thought that the Honor Board was in a terrible state of repair.  Hence the reason for Allens the original suggestion to remove the Hazelwood Honor Roll.  No wonder John Holt man was indifferent and Mel Gibbs was concerned. To let this Honor Roll go to the down the Gurgler would be an extreme act of dishonor to those families and the people (N.O.K) on the Honor Board.  

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District Leader attending the CDCA meeting re Hazelwood Honor Roll.

As District Leader of the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guides I acknowledge the seriousness of 
the responsibility the Guardianship of the Hazelwood Honor Board gives me. So on Wednesday I attended the Churchill and Districts Community Association general meeting.  This meeting was held on the 24th Febuary 2010 at the Churchill Hub, Philip Parade, Churchill.  This general meeting started at 7 pm [ I arrived at 7.7pm] and finished approx at 9.10pm.

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