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Leave things as they currently are re lease.

29th April 2009 Reply to DSE re Hazelwood [South] Hall lease decision.

> Hi there  Currently leave things as they are.  Will review next year.  At the moment our District Team are still sounding out other groups.  But, hit a brick wall here.

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Community use of Hazelwood [South] Hall

susanc@speedweb.com.au 17/04/2009 10:21 AMToTarnia.Leeming@dse.vic.gov.aucc
SubjectHazelwood South Hall

I have been speaking to others.Yes there is interest in the community
for others to use this hall.As of yesterday : another youth group, a 
cultural group, a war hammer players group...If it turns out that no 
one else takes on this opportunity then can we still be involved / re
lease it again. What happens in this case?

Susan Connor.

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Steps to the returing of the Hazelwood [South] Hall Lease.

Re: Hazelwood South Hall
Date:   Fri, April 17, 2009 11:31 am

The following reworded response to community interest in using the Hazelwood [South] Hall.

The DSE  would then consult with the Latrobe City Council and the community groups mentioned in the letter and determine the community requirement for the site to be made into a public hall once again.

If support is gained, the DSE will hold a public meeting to nominate and
appoint members to the Committee of management [CoM].

If support is not given, the licence will remain in place and the hall
will be available for Girl Guide use only.

Tarnia Leeming 

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