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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Why change the locks occurs

Someone/s kept leaving the doors and cupboards open, the toilets a mess and dishes in the sink.

Solution : Change the locks.  So David Ellis went down and did just that.

All keys to the Hazelwood [South] Hall were called in so that a register of keys was taken.  The Small Bore rifle club handed in their key which they had just been issued.  In exchange they received a new key.

The Churchill Soccer Club had their new Pavilion and Club Change rooms.  Both these building had toilets.

Once the locks were changed two things happened.

  1. The first being that the Churchill Soccer club complained of not having access to the toilets for their visitors.  
  2. The second was that a spare set of keys mysteriously turned up in the District leaders [Marlene Ellis] letter box.  A previous Hazelwood [South ] Hall booking person was seen opening Marlenes letter box and leaving the keys .  Keys being the only things in the letter box when the letter box was subsequently opened.

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issues re Hazelwood Honor Board addressed at CDCA meeting 24.2.2009.

Addressed the issues of: –

* Why the Guides had the Honor Board.
* Why the hall was under utilized. ( The danger of getting run over as Soccer cars rushed for parking by cutting of the reserve,
* Not being able to use the reserve for games, parking and entry to hall etc [ risk assessment word used]
* The relocation back to the Glendonald building for meetings,
* Waiting for Council to address the entry issues (build a new entrance way)
* Building maintenance reports and bringing Hall up to current Latrobe City Council maintenance of building standards [work currently in progress].
* That this maintenance will be finalized when there is a front fence the same as the early photos of the Hazelwood South Hall have in them.

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