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The Amateur Radio Club helps with Jota / Joti 2009

Early in 2009 the Local Amateur Radio Club was approached and asked if they would help with the 2009 Jota / Joti.  To be held at the Hazelwood [South] Hall. Third weekend in October.  The Hazelwood and Churchill Girl guide District would be supplying the food [BBQ] and refreshments on the day as a thank you.

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Evaluation: 2009 Jota/ Joti

Evaluation of the 2009 Jota/i at the Hazelwood [South] Hall:
  • One helpful thing was isssuing an invitation to the Baw Baw Region to come to the Hazelwood [South] Hall on the Sunday of October the 17th.  
  • The Local Amateur Radio Club will be invited again to be there.[ formal invitation] 
  • Information to be shared easily with all sharehiolders of the event.  These include ” Parents, Guides, Olave Program members, Region Guides attending, Radio Club Members and Hazelwood and Churchill District Team members.
  • Location map to be published.
  • Transport to be arranged from up to three local drop off and pick up points to Hazelwood [South] Hall.
  •  This time the Badges will not be put down somewhere and misfiled.
  • At the end of 2010 when the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl guides have the annual Formal Dinner [ Decemeber 4th 2010] everyone who has been a Volunteer helping the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District and members will be invited to attend.
  • Emergency exit plan to be displayed.
  • Risk Analysis to be on hand.
  • Report forms from Joti/Jota Guide leaison to be filled out an the day by the Radio Club member in charge.
  • More activities through out the day.  
  • Display activities through out the year in preperation for Jota/ Joti.
  • Entrances / exits to be easily accessable.
  • Thank you BBQ for Radio Club members and Guides appreciated.  Do again Yes.  
  • Vary menu.
  • Check with Latrobe City Council re the off road car parking facilities as major redevelopment of frontage may be occurring at the time of Jota/i.
  • Septic smell to be eliminated?
  • ? overnight indoor stay available for Guides of Hazelwood and Churchill District.
  • Write up in newspapers.  District to do it self  and put into the Latrobe Express – Not Churchill News. 
  • Copy [ our orginial newspaper submission] to go to the Baw Baw Region Girl Guide Public Relations person.  Original Submission to be followed up by hard copy of Latrobe Express’s newspaper article.

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Jota/i at Hazelwood [South] Hall in 2009

Some of the Guides came down to the Hazelwood [South] Hall in October 2009 for the Jamboree on the Air [Jota] and the Jamboree on the Internet.[Joti]

The local Amateur Radio Club members were there to help the Guides talk through both the Radio and over the internet.  Some of the Guides had good reception others lucked out….  but thats the way things go.
Throughout the year there werwe different things done during the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide meeting times.  These things 
were  things like working together, seeing life through another persons eyes, morse code, semaphore, working the key board on the office computer. There were different times that the Girl Guides helped planning and running different events.  The things that they learned doing this included preperation, and then after the event clean up and putting away, hosting and looking after visitors, how to share food in stead of scoffing it down.

After the evaluation of this 2009 Jota/ Joti event there are still things that we have to work on for the Jota / Joti of 2010.

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Jota 2010 new call sign

For 2010 we will have access to a special callsign for Sunday 1100
onwards – VK100WIA. The callsign will probably be sought after overseas, and hopefully international propagation will be starting to pick up by then.

Planning for this event has already started. The radio activities will be running on the Sunday.

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International confrence quick report.

Meeting 25th October 2009

Start time 1:30 pm

Things discussed

There was a discussion about JOTA/JOTI weekend forum that was held on 17th and 18th of October with the guides around the world. It is a great opportunity to make new friends for all girl guides around the globe.

The job for post box secretary was discussed; there were suggestions to give it a different name so that girls would be more interested in making pen pals that way.

Things were discussed about the welcome packs for different countries as members of Girl Guides Association regarding the Thinking Day and what needs to be included from the Australian section.

I was told about the Sangam program in India
for supporting girls in different areas and I told that I would like to join in as a volunteer for sometime next year. The Sangam worldwide day next year is 18th October 2010.

There was a general discussion about religion, culture and importance of henna in Muslim culture and why it is used as a body art for celebrations.

I enjoyed myself there, met good people, learnt things and would like to attend more meetings next year on behalf of Baw Baw Region.

May I be appointed as an international representative being a Girl Guide and gain more knowledge towards my OBP.


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