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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Ada lovelace

For finding out information on women in Science and technology  for the link.  Have a go and inform us what you want to do with the day.

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Girl Guides learning to have a voice at 2009 formal meal planning

Through out all Guiding levels members have opinions.  These opinions may directly affect them, future generations, or help with a problem that is seen.  Having a voice leans a hand to many aspects of a Guide members life.  So having a voice for the things like the yearly formal meal is important.  The Guides are eating at this activity.  So the  ‘return’ on having a voice is something anticipated and experienced relatively quickly.

Choose three things you like and one you do not like. Draw a picture or write their names down
Like Not Like
Roast Potaoes Homemade bread
Birthday cake
Popcorn Quiche
Cup cakes
Ice Cream
Veges Spagetti
Mums Cooking
Lasagna Chicken
Ice cream
Tiny teddies Peas
Rice Bubbles Broccoli
Mushrooms Garlic
Soft cheese
Nuts Meat

Written by Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Similar but different causes confusion

Often games are played or similar activities are done through out the world. One game may have developed one way, another branched out some other and the original changed beyond recognition. Usually because games and activities spread as people spread, played in may different countries, across class and culture and with anything that is on hand.

The Churchill Guide Unit has up to 6 different primary schools making up the membership. Being a flexiable Guide Unit, with an age range of five to seventeen at different times a simple game or activity needs very clear rules. So now advacacy and self government help in keeping the rules clear to all. These rules are remade several different times over the years.

At different times various camp rules , games [ kick ball, skipping, sack races, craft activities, clean up duties] all come under scrutiny. Discussion is keped cool as the process of determining the rules is decided.

Do we all have an equal input around the discussion circle, in the patrols, patrol leaders meeting, at a committee meeting.

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