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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Heads Held High

Disabilities are many where people are concerned. How people react to their disabilities as well as how other people react and inter-react with those who have disabilities will change as knowledge and experience change both in our community, our daily situations and ourselves.

Guiding has many opportunities for both those with or without disabilities.  Learning about and exploring different aspects of disabilities helps all of us in our daily lives.  To this end always has been Service Badges that the members of guiding can work towards.  Enjoy finding out more about what and how these various badges have worked over the decades.  gain a wider knowledge of what other badges have entailed and what different generations of girl guides  have done towards earning these Service orientated badges.  Where possible follow ons have been hyper-linked for your interests.  Having a glimpes of what and where a simple service assistance has taken various Guides may help you better understand the Service components of being a Girl Guide in the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides.

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How Linden became a suburb of Tawa.

Linden and Tawa, North Island, New Zealand needed to have a common name to be called.

Put it to a vote they said. Voting was believed to be fair.
A climb up to the peak was organised for a picnic lunch to occur.
And when was the vote done? From what I hear as those from Tawa went past the voting booth.
So Linden came under Tawa.
Just goes to show what lobbying and dirty politics can do generations later ha!! This system did not stop at just the Tawa and Linden votes. Others towns and in other countries had the same system of ‘fair’ voting established.

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During the Black Saturday aftermarth these brave Teddies

During the 2009 Black Saturday Fire aftermath these brave teddies came out to play. The Guide unit had planned a Teddy Bears picnic to be occuring during the Fire time. No one could make it there on the day.

We photographed the bears coming, planned the food, sorted out the activites, worked out a root to take the teddy bears on and all this fell in a heap as others things were sorted out.

But the good news is that not one of these teddies was lost to the Fires.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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Should be a useful resource and knowldedge base for you

Try this new ‘blogspot’ for possible answers to queries and questions. It will take some time but even now is begining to house what and how things are being done in the Guide District and the Unit.  The traditions, events, activities and participations, the Planning, organising and development through the implementation and also the evaluations.

Should be a useful resource and knowldedge base for you as there is going to be many things here that I as a curious parent wanted to know or be informed about.

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Teddy Bear Picnic Program

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