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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Advacy for Brunai with Asia Pacific Region Committee encouragement.

Being a member of Girl Guides you are not only given the opportunity of having a voice but shown how to as well as encouraged to use it.  this happens through out all the levels of Girl Guides.  you may be new, or in Australia only five, or be a Patrol Leader, a seconder, or have a job to do.  However everything you want to do needs to be communicated with so that others may know what it is and were you want to end up.

Remember the little Australian Brownie Guide who even small had a strong line of communication and great advocacy people.  She asked a question that people did not know the answer of and people wanted to find out the answer too.

Have a look at what has occurred on an international level with Brunai becoming a full member of Girl Guides.  A further challenge was to then get the Leaders working towards being on the international committees such as the Asia Pacific Region.

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Who can come to Girl Guides

Like the drought breaking rain that the area is currently experiencing the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District is setting out wipe away the dust, shake off the cobwebs and get involved in the local community. Objective of this is to increase our membership base.
Recently World Thinking Day occurred.  The first Ice Cream fund way back in the early days of Guiding History had every member participating in one little service.  They stopped eating ice cream for one week.  Save their pennys and thrupences and sent them to England.  Lady Baden-Powell had this money from all over the world to use.  Collectively the money was pooled together and went towards the first Guide Houses front door frame and door.  Everyone owned a part of it.  Every Girl Guide or Girl Scout could go through those doors and be welcomed.
Girl Guides replicates itself.  The system is good.  So back here on ground level everyone is made welcome.  Thus said bulling and ground turf infighting from the outside of those welcoming door will not stop those who want to attending Girl guides from attending, being welcomed and being safe.  As girl Guides our Duty of Care is not only to all Girl Guides but also to our environment. The air we breath and so forth.

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How Linden became a suburb of Tawa.

Linden and Tawa, North Island, New Zealand needed to have a common name to be called.

Put it to a vote they said. Voting was believed to be fair.
A climb up to the peak was organised for a picnic lunch to occur.
And when was the vote done? From what I hear as those from Tawa went past the voting booth.
So Linden came under Tawa.
Just goes to show what lobbying and dirty politics can do generations later ha!! This system did not stop at just the Tawa and Linden votes. Others towns and in other countries had the same system of ‘fair’ voting established.

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Giving orders

If the leader moves smartly and well, her example will be followed.  The leader is the pivotal point of any ‘command center’.  What people see and hear is how they too will react.

Leadership includes the’ giving’ and ‘following through’ of orders.Respect and fair treatment of all creates an uneven footing for the leader.  The leaders is no longer one of the ‘boys’. The leadership job requires a pivot for all to access and speak through.  Therefore when in a Parade or ceremonial situation if orders are given smartly – they will be carried out smartly.  This is really important when dealing with many people in a crowded area.  In order to get the commands over to others the leader should have practiced using her voice so that when calling commands it is done clearly and therefore well.   Before the actual commands are given the voice box should have had a ‘warm’ up practice session.

During the commands the accent is always to be on the end of the word eg ‘Atten-SHUN’ or on the last word in the command, ‘Quick MARCH’. Girls should be taught that they do not move until the whole command has been given.

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Power of One

Ever wonder how Our World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts use both advocacy and governace over so many issues.  Well keep checking out different posts over these pages and you may be surprised. Add some when you find them too.  make comments on what and where you see around you too.

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