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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

What is an apple basic

Sometime people are so familiar with things that they do not know one is the other.  That is a chicken lays an egg, which a shop then sells. That egg white comes from the inside of the egg!  Or in this case an apple may be made into apple juice and apple pulp then used in two different recipes.

So the Guides were shown that if they peel several apples, core them, chop them up into pieces (sizes as evenly as possible) then cook these pieces aver a heat sauce with a little water you actually end up with a mixture from which the stained juice is apple juice and the remaining stuff in the strainer is the apple puree.

Cool and use as soon as possible.

But what do you use it for. So over time they have been shown the following: Apple juice, Apple Puree, Salad dressing, Apple pancakes.

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Making a decoration

To make flat for cards or tags you will need:
card to make head and feet
eyes (draw or purchase)
a little wool to make hair
Glitter and a Large Ground sheet.
  1 pretty doily
Fold the doily as per the illustration and glue feet under the
doily. Draw or attach features and hair to the head. Glue the
head in place and use to decorate Christmas cards, gift tags
and so on.
To make as a decoration you will need:
small pompom for the head
  eyes (draw or purchase)
cardboard rolled into a tube narrower at the top than the bottom
  1 pretty doily
gold thread Instructions:
Roll an oblong of card into a tube shape which is a little narrower than the head pompom at the top but wider at the bottom. Experiment with the size of doily you are usingthe tube should be 2cm shorter than the bottom edge of the doily. Fix the edges of the tube in place with sticky tape. Fold the doily in half and then fold it around the tube as per illustration, gluing the ‘wing’ folds together at the back so the tube cannot be seen. Glue the features to the head then glue the head in place. Attach a hanging loop made from the gold thread. Optional for both versions: spray with gold paint when all glue is dry.

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Next Cards and Tags

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Cards and Tags.

Every so often the Guides want to be creative.  Making cards and gift tags is a simple fun way to let the creative juices and communication begin.  Work the creativity around a theme. Take photos along the way.  Safety of equipment, respect of other people and their endeavours, culture and outlooks is encouraged. It is amazing how the Promise and Laws discussion may fit through this activity.

To make flat for cards or tags you will need:
  •  card to make head and feet
  •  eyes (draw or purchase)
  •  a little wool to make hair
  • pretty doily
  • drawing or painting stuff.
  • Glitter and a ‘Large’ ground sheet.
  • glue

Fold the doily as per the illustration and glue feet under the
doily. Draw or attach features and hair to the head. Glue the
head in place and use to decorate Christmas cards, gift tags
and so on.

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Great recipe for teaching kitchen safety even with the youngest of Guides.  However best done on a camp or all day activity as the dough needs time to cool down before use.

  • 1 cup flour
  • 1/2 cup cooking salt
  • 1 cup water
  • 1 tablespoon of cream of tartar
  • 1 tablespoon of cooking oil
  • Food colouring
Mix the flour, water, salt and cream of tartar in a saucepan over medium heat until thick. Allow the mixture to cool and then add the oil and knead well over a floured cutting board or similar. Divide this blob evenly into as many colours as you’d like to make. Add food colouring to each ball until it is just the colour your child is looking for. That’s it! Allow the children to let their imaginations take them away.

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When planning on what to include in making a bedroll you will need a ground sheet made of any sort of waterproof material. You can buy ground sheets from a camping store, use heavy weight plastic or builder’s plastic or an old shower curtain. Your ground sheet will need to be about 2 metres x 1 metre, a little longer and wider than your sleeping bag when it is rolled out.

I found that having the builders plastic really makes crinkles and russling sounds at night.  Also the builders plastic is ‘slippery’.  The ground sheets that appear to be made of the matted plastic wear down slowly but you do not slip down wards so many times.  As things should have at least two uses on camp have you considered how the ground sheet itself would be protected from ripping if you had to use it for an emergency shelter?
When you are sleeping, your ground sheet protects your sleeping bag and sleeping mat or air mattress from moisture and protect you from the cold. The warmth of your body draws the dampness up out of the ground and the underneath of the ground sheet will be quite wet in the morning even if the ground appeared dry when you laid the ground sheet down.

During the day your ground sheet will form the waterproof outer layer of your bedroll.

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Sneeking in a pillow for camp.

Some people can manage without a pillow at camp, others can not. You can make a pillow by putting your spare clothing inside a pillow case and resting the case on your shoes. This method is hard to sleep on. However you know where your clothes for the next morning are, there’s less ferreting about for them, and then you may be in the front of the shower line in am.  Also if emergency arises grab and run.
You can also get blow-up plastic ones which are light and small, or, you might like to just take a pillow with you. If you take a pillow be sure that it is protected from the weather. Put it into a garbage bag sealed with an elastic band until you use it at night.  I found these uncomfortable as when in deep sleep i moved around my head ‘thonked’ on the ground.  Then someone laughingly told me not to blow them up very much at all.  Since that time, and when I remember to pack this pillow things have gone okay for my poor head and misbegotten ears.

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Being Prepared.

  • Make, 
  • Extend
  • Draw
  • Practice,
  • Understand
  • Explore
  • Check out, 
  • Find Out
  • Create
  • Achieve

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    Faith Awareness

    Find out, Share, Visit, Organise, Explore, Achieve, Create, Discover, Find Out, Participate, Plan, Make

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      • Invite,
      •  Do,
      •  Plan, 
      • Create, 
      •  Explore,
      • Make
      •  Communicate, 
      • Entertain, 
      • Plan, 
      • Be, 
      • Do

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