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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Guide Law Song

The Guide law song is a catchy song to the tune of Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Written aimed at Phillipine Girl Guides the Laws are very similar to the Australian Guide Laws.

Guide Law Song Sung to the tune of “This Old Man”.
Guide Law one, loyal and fun,
Loyal and fun says Guide Law one,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the first Guide Law.
Guide Law two, helpful you, *i Helpful you says Guide Law two, Helping other people, learning more and more, Guides be true to the second Guide Law.
Guide Law three, considerate be,
Considerate be says Guide Law three,
Helping …….. «
Guide Law four, friendship sure, Friendship sure says Guide Law four, Helping ……..
Guide Law five, animals alive, Animals alive says Guide Law five, Helping ……..
Guide Law six, 0-be-d-ient , 0-be-d-ient, says Guide Law six, Helping ……..
Guide Law seven, smile or gladden, Smile or gladden says Guide Law seven, Helping ……..
Guide Law eight, never be late, Never be late says Guide Law eight, Helping ……..
Guide Law nine, care of yours and mine, Care of yours and mine says Guide Law nine, Helping ……..
Guide Law ten, good citizen,
Good citizen says Guide Law ten,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the tenth Guide Law.

This song was orginally published in the old Girl Guide magazine ‘Matildia’ in the mags Training Pages.

Enjoy learning the sang. Onece learned it is hard to get rid of from your head.

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And the music flows

Listening to different types of music adds variety to our lives.

Sometimes during the meetings CD’s have been played. The Guides or leaders bring their CD’s, check with the leaders that the CD’s music is appropriate, and the Cd’s are played as back ground music through the meeting.

Over the years there has been played: Guide songs and campfire singing, traditional Australian Aborginal music from different ‘Nations’. Various other traditional music from other countries: New Zealand, Wales, France, Germany, American Indian, and Indian just to name a few.

Even Music from different music trends: The Australian Youth Choir, Abba, ACDC, Whitesnake, Celian Deyon, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Metal (heavy, fairy, light electrical,,) Pop…

Various compilations such as Aussie BBqs, Power Songs, Imprisonment tapes, Childrens Nursery Rhyme Tapes, International freedom CD’s.

The lists just go on.

The Guides and their friends are checked re their knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety in regards to electricity, handing of home appliances, appreciation of noise levels, who running the show and who has over all power with regard to saying turn it off.

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Using the CD player.

There is a CD player where we meet. As long as the Guides organising the music show one of the leaders the C.D’s before the CD player is used then it may be used in different activities.

Even played during the meeting time if they agree.

NOTE: All the CD operators need to have their Occupational Health and Safety checks by Debbie first.

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Plan a party and invite your friends.

We planned a Dance at Guides for the end of Term three (2009).

We invited all different people. we had made invitations, and asked them to come too. Our parents asked their parents too.

We had fun, played outside, had cold drinks, lots of food, decorations and music. We also had games to play too.
The CD player was the one at the meeting room. The music was ours, The older girls organised the CD player.

Some of the girls we invited have now joined Guides.

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