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Measuring up to "My Best"

The girl Guide Promise asks you ‘to do your best’….

Okay, so what is your best? Are you doing your best? What’s stopping you? Once this has been sorted out where and what can you do to do better? Do you want to do better? What is your Goal? Figure out some little steps to get to your goal. Give yourself a time limit. What and how will you proceed [what will you do if] you don’t meat this challenge goal?

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Promise Ceremony

General discussion had on what is a “superior being”/ imposing ones views on another re their ‘Superior Being’ rather than giving and receiving of examples of same. Jess and Kira have decided not to reaffirm/ make their promise next time the Gipp’s Guides meet.

It was decided that rather than just make the Promise each would wait until they have a clearer idea of who/ what their ‘Superior Being’ is exactly. This is good as when their individual Promise is made they will make it then with a clarity of heart and mind. 

By waiting  there will be time to really arrange a really memorable Promise ceremony for these members.

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