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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Australia Day in Melbourne

Australia Day celebrated as a State Event in Melbourne. This event has the Guides carrying a large Australian Flag. For this the day is primarily aimed at the BP’s, Queens Guide’s and OBPs presented the previous year. The years that I took Guides down who had achieved these Peak Achievement we had a ball. At the end of the march there we were in Government gardens joining in the festivities.

Full Uniform is worn. Take drink bottles full of water and sun hats. Make sure you are well fed before the ceremonies begin.

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more Jewelery making days

Kira would like more days Jewelery making.  What about asking other Gipps Guides and others who are able to attend if they can make it on a week day?  Say a time / day that the Glendonald Child and Maternal Health Center has not got kids using it?  Make this once a month at first.  Then see if it can be developed from here!

This is what developing ones interests is all about…experiancing and experimentation.  Along the way the net work of people interested in one thing will grow, membership of Gipps Guides and other guiding things will expand. 

When any of this occurs you have the beginning of empowerment happening.  Go for it.

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Melbourne quearies for membership.

Samar knows of other people who are from Melbourne.  They too want to join into the Olave Program. The basic procedure is to get in touch with touch with the Melbourne office via a Cluster representive and go through there channels.  However yes invite people who are interested in what you are doing up to the meetings, activites, events and services that are happening. 

Word of Mouth is terrific advertising.  Interested people share ideas and better yet you experience and join in with a wider range of activities, services and event.  You then have more opportunities to net work your self, skills, and knowledge.

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Heart Week and JRFHeart

 When organising activities and events it is good to sometimes have the events, activites and services aligned with other organisisations and their service to community sections.

So I asked Mary-Lou from Jump Rope for Heart the following Question:

……..  When is national heart week?  This may have some bearing on time /date factor

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Earth Hour update

With Earth Hour 2010 happening in March which is coming very soon folks there are some things that you may want to be involved in.

Making lanterns, then sending them to Copenhagen for a big confrence was one thing that we missed out on this year.  However there are some booklets that you may be intersted in.  The first for primary school the second for secondary school pupils.  Never mind you can still vote for earth.

WAGGGS has such a queitly powerful voice.

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Todays meeting (22nd Nov,2009)

We made some jewellery today
I handed out the Centenary & Olave Program badges to Rebecca and Kira
I quite liked the jewellery making as i was doing it after a while
and i enjoyed giving the badges to the other GIPPS Guides in my unit.

We spoke about fundraising at markets once a month ( the second Sunday of the month)
Packaging and labelling/ tagging all the products with GIPPS Guides contact numbers.

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The more we get together

The more we get together is a song that was sung in 2005 at a camp fire. very soon after wards as part of the Achieve : Leadership part 2 this song was one of a few taught over a a month at Guides in preparation for a short campfire.

The more we get together, together, together,
The more we get together the happier we’ll be.
For your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends,
The more we get together the happier we’ll be.

The more we get together, together, together,
The more we get together the happier we’ll be.
For you know that I know,
And I know that you know,
The more we get together the happier we’ll be.

6th August 2005,
Baw Baw Region sleeping under the Stars.

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Guide Law Song

The Guide law song is a catchy song to the tune of Old Mac Donald had a farm.

Written aimed at Phillipine Girl Guides the Laws are very similar to the Australian Guide Laws.

Guide Law Song Sung to the tune of “This Old Man”.
Guide Law one, loyal and fun,
Loyal and fun says Guide Law one,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the first Guide Law.
Guide Law two, helpful you, *i Helpful you says Guide Law two, Helping other people, learning more and more, Guides be true to the second Guide Law.
Guide Law three, considerate be,
Considerate be says Guide Law three,
Helping …….. «
Guide Law four, friendship sure, Friendship sure says Guide Law four, Helping ……..
Guide Law five, animals alive, Animals alive says Guide Law five, Helping ……..
Guide Law six, 0-be-d-ient , 0-be-d-ient, says Guide Law six, Helping ……..
Guide Law seven, smile or gladden, Smile or gladden says Guide Law seven, Helping ……..
Guide Law eight, never be late, Never be late says Guide Law eight, Helping ……..
Guide Law nine, care of yours and mine, Care of yours and mine says Guide Law nine, Helping ……..
Guide Law ten, good citizen,
Good citizen says Guide Law ten,
Helping other people, learning more and more,
Guides be true to the tenth Guide Law.

This song was orginally published in the old Girl Guide magazine ‘Matildia’ in the mags Training Pages.

Enjoy learning the sang. Onece learned it is hard to get rid of from your head.

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Measuring up to "My Best"

The girl Guide Promise asks you ‘to do your best’….

Okay, so what is your best? Are you doing your best? What’s stopping you? Once this has been sorted out where and what can you do to do better? Do you want to do better? What is your Goal? Figure out some little steps to get to your goal. Give yourself a time limit. What and how will you proceed [what will you do if] you don’t meat this challenge goal?

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Earth Hour 27th March 2010

Earth Hour 27th March 2010. Find out more and post it on the blog.

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