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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Using the CD player.

There is a CD player where we meet. As long as the Guides organising the music show one of the leaders the C.D’s before the CD player is used then it may be used in different activities.

Even played during the meeting time if they agree.

NOTE: All the CD operators need to have their Occupational Health and Safety checks by Debbie first.

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The Colour Guards Job desciption includes…

It is the Color Guards job to guide the Color Bearer from injury or harm. When the Color Bearer is carrying the Flag in the hoist she cannot see as the Flag pole and Colors are directly in her line of sight. For this reason the Color Guards stand so that their shoulders are able to Guide the Color Bearer. Nudging her to go one way away from possible danger or hazard.

The second job of the Color Guard is to assist in protecting the Flag – “the Colors”.
This job starts when the Flag is handed over to the Color Party until it is handed back and protectively stored away again.

The third job is to listen and respond to the Color Bearers commands. This then assists the Color Bearer to have a Uniform marching Color Party.

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28th October 2010

From now on when we go into Guides we get the bag of scarves and put them near the door. Then we put one on for the night. After the meeting we leave them behind near the door…but not in the bag.  That way the ones worn will be washed and made ready for nest week. 

Our next job is to get the Unit flag stand ready to erect the flag.  The Flag pole goes in the North side of the Building.  That is where the roof is highest near the office door.  A compass can be used to check this out.

After Guide and before the Color Party people put their scarves away they must put the Flag and its pole and the stand away.

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Shelter / Tent Day

Saturday, 27th Feburary 2010.

The opportunity of erecting and striking kitchen flies to be used at the Churchill fair is on this day. Unless The Gipp’s Guides would prefer to use a canvas tent for their shelter It has been suggested using several kitchen flies?

Need to look at Knowledge basis and Occupational Health and Safety issues as well as team work.

Encouraged to be written by Clear Vision

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