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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Heads Held High

Disabilities are many where people are concerned. How people react to their disabilities as well as how other people react and inter-react with those who have disabilities will change as knowledge and experience change both in our community, our daily situations and ourselves.

Guiding has many opportunities for both those with or without disabilities.  Learning about and exploring different aspects of disabilities helps all of us in our daily lives.  To this end always has been Service Badges that the members of guiding can work towards.  Enjoy finding out more about what and how these various badges have worked over the decades.  gain a wider knowledge of what other badges have entailed and what different generations of girl guides  have done towards earning these Service orientated badges.  Where possible follow ons have been hyper-linked for your interests.  Having a glimpes of what and where a simple service assistance has taken various Guides may help you better understand the Service components of being a Girl Guide in the Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides.

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Command – Unit, stand EASY

The feet remain in the same position as stand-at-ease, but the hands and body may be moved. This position is used when a group are in position and waiting for the arrival of a VIP as in a guard of honour. To bring the group to attention, give the command: Unit, atten-SHUN. On the word ‘unit’ the group will come to the stand-at-ease position and on the final order come smartly to attention.

Practiced using the Ceremonial made Easy pamphlet.

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STAND AT EASE: Command – Unit, stand at EASE

The left foot is moved about 30cm from the right, weight is placed evenly on both feet; hands are held behind the back and the right hand clasped in the left. This is a more relaxed position and can be maintained for a longer time.

Practiced from Ceremonial Made Easy pamphlet

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Command – Unit (or camp,
patrol etc), atten-SHUN

This position should not be maintained too long. The body is held erect, head and eyes facing front, hands by the side, fingers lightly clenched at the rear of the skirt or slack seam, knees and feet together.

From Ceremonial made easy pamphlet.

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Giving orders

If the leader moves smartly and well, her example will be followed.  The leader is the pivotal point of any ‘command center’.  What people see and hear is how they too will react.

Leadership includes the’ giving’ and ‘following through’ of orders.Respect and fair treatment of all creates an uneven footing for the leader.  The leaders is no longer one of the ‘boys’. The leadership job requires a pivot for all to access and speak through.  Therefore when in a Parade or ceremonial situation if orders are given smartly – they will be carried out smartly.  This is really important when dealing with many people in a crowded area.  In order to get the commands over to others the leader should have practiced using her voice so that when calling commands it is done clearly and therefore well.   Before the actual commands are given the voice box should have had a ‘warm’ up practice session.

During the commands the accent is always to be on the end of the word eg ‘Atten-SHUN’ or on the last word in the command, ‘Quick MARCH’. Girls should be taught that they do not move until the whole command has been given.

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