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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

issues re Hazelwood Honor Board addressed at CDCA meeting 24.2.2009.

Addressed the issues of: –

* Why the Guides had the Honor Board.
* Why the hall was under utilized. ( The danger of getting run over as Soccer cars rushed for parking by cutting of the reserve,
* Not being able to use the reserve for games, parking and entry to hall etc [ risk assessment word used]
* The relocation back to the Glendonald building for meetings,
* Waiting for Council to address the entry issues (build a new entrance way)
* Building maintenance reports and bringing Hall up to current Latrobe City Council maintenance of building standards [work currently in progress].
* That this maintenance will be finalized when there is a front fence the same as the early photos of the Hazelwood South Hall have in them.

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Ugly rumors cause indifference believes District Leader.

Peoples minds need to be put to rest. Indifference is not an asset. Especially when the indifference is caused by rumors that are untrue.
So if John Holtmann and Mel Buggs mind can be put to rest on the issue of the Hazelwood Honor Board condition it would be appreciated. 
Towards the end of 2009 photos were taken of the Hazelwood Honor Board.  If these photos could be shown to both John and Mel if may lift the appearance of indifference that one/ both were reported to exhibit re the condition of the hazelwood Honor Board.. 

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