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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

patrol Activity through the Rac Wac’s.

Sometimes when the Rac Wac has been planned the idea was that:

Each patrol was to follow a different route to an appropriate destination ( accompanied by an adult with first aid kit and a car).  The year that we were to try this out everything was cancelled, delayed or rearranged due to the Fires that were / had been ranging around Churchill for nearly a month.

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Found info on Fun Run

Looking on the Gipps Guides Site and found this advert.

Great idea… do we go with this?   What if when we do our Fun walk to the Pondage on 20th June 2010 we fundraise with this idea?

No this has been delayed until nearer the end of the 2010 year.

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Heart Week and JRFHeart

 When organising activities and events it is good to sometimes have the events, activites and services aligned with other organisisations and their service to community sections.

So I asked Mary-Lou from Jump Rope for Heart the following Question:

……..  When is national heart week?  This may have some bearing on time /date factor

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Water Activities – Water aerobics

Water activities to start during the week of Jan 17 to 23rd 2010.

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Fun Walk

Rather than having a ‘fun run’ there was more interest in a ‘fun walk to the Hazelwood Pondage’. Complete with BBQ. Involve the kids and family members.

Jess and Kira to organise this day for June 2010.

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Jump Rope for Heart.

Action: Kira to organise for September 2010. IS this to be a Region thing????

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