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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Why change the locks occurs

Someone/s kept leaving the doors and cupboards open, the toilets a mess and dishes in the sink.

Solution : Change the locks.  So David Ellis went down and did just that.

All keys to the Hazelwood [South] Hall were called in so that a register of keys was taken.  The Small Bore rifle club handed in their key which they had just been issued.  In exchange they received a new key.

The Churchill Soccer Club had their new Pavilion and Club Change rooms.  Both these building had toilets.

Once the locks were changed two things happened.

  1. The first being that the Churchill Soccer club complained of not having access to the toilets for their visitors.  
  2. The second was that a spare set of keys mysteriously turned up in the District leaders [Marlene Ellis] letter box.  A previous Hazelwood [South ] Hall booking person was seen opening Marlenes letter box and leaving the keys .  Keys being the only things in the letter box when the letter box was subsequently opened.

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Keys March 2010

There are two be two sets of hall Keys cut.
One for a leader in training the other goes to Marya and Gerald as they are having trouble meeting up with Debbie or Susan so that computers may come to The District for redistribution by Susan.

Also: the Latrobe City Council has been approached for another set of keys to go to a Leader in training so that she has access to the ‘office’.

All keys must be signed for through the key book.  Contact Debbie for this.

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EMERGENCY EVACUATION of Hazelwood South Hall


The Hazelwood South Community Hall

· Fire

· Gas leak

· Bomb

A register will be maintained to enable accurate checks of those on site.

Emergency Assembly Plan for Hazelwood South Community Hall.

1. An emergency may be identified by anyone present.

2. Event Leader in Charge (LiC) is to be informed immediately.

3. LiC takes immediate steps to verify reported emergency and determines the severity (class of emergency) and responds accordingly.


All present follow Emergency procedures as directed by LiC

At this signal

STOP What you are doing immediately.

LOOK To the Leader in Charge

LISTEN The LiC’s instructions

OBEY Carmly do as the LiC has told you…now.

GO To To the designated assembly area.

1. Event LiC or other designated person immediately picks up the attendance register and gathers participants at the designated Emergency Area.

2. Designated First Aider immediately takes First Aid Kit, checks all rooms and assists group members to the Assembly Area.

3. Any other leader or visiting personnel present immediately assembles with the group at the Assembly Area.

4. Event LiC calls a roll according to the attendance register to check that all members on site at the time are accounted for.

5. If a member of the group is unaccounted for at the roll call, the LiC will co-ordinate a search.


7. If required, the assembled group proceeds in an orderly speedy manner to the Emergency Evacuation Place as directed by Emergency Personnel.

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