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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Ada lovelace

For finding out information on women in Science and technology  for the link.  Have a go and inform us what you want to do with the day.

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Earth Hour update

With Earth Hour 2010 happening in March which is coming very soon folks there are some things that you may want to be involved in.

Making lanterns, then sending them to Copenhagen for a big confrence was one thing that we missed out on this year.  However there are some booklets that you may be intersted in.  The first for primary school the second for secondary school pupils.  Never mind you can still vote for earth.

WAGGGS has such a queitly powerful voice.

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Attending ‘my’ place of Worship

It is my understanding that :
Guiding recognises that faith and worship is a very important factor in most peoples lives. Faith, belief and Worship enriches peoples lives in so many different ways.
Guiding itself is a non-religious, non-political organisation. This being said guiding supports those members who choose to attend places of worship and to express themselves in a respectful and diligent way that allows for them to respect and live with themselves, their family,community, their environment and the world around them.

Susan Connor

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Flag poles have their uses.

There are only three uses for a Flag pole.

The main use for a flag pole is to hold a Flag. More aptly known as “The Colors”. Another use for Flag Poles are to center the ropes that peg the flag pole down. The third use for a Flag Pole is to give the Color Party a Job.

Flag poles are not used as entertainment props, dance poles, spare tent poles, dilly bag lines, prospective spare kindling even or anything else other than a Flag Pole. Boaring! but true. Boils down to having respect for the “Colors” and what and who those the “Colors” represent.

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What’s a Guides Own?

With a group of people a very simple ceremony that says “Thank you” is a Guides Own. Usually based on a theme. You involve your own “Superior Being” and simply communicate a thanks using different communication methods.

Since every Guide has made her own Promise she is reflecting on her own beliefs. Therefor there may be a mixed bag of “Superior Ones” represented. As a participant there are many methods to show respect of everyone’s wishes and beliefs.

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