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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

And the music flows

Listening to different types of music adds variety to our lives.

Sometimes during the meetings CD’s have been played. The Guides or leaders bring their CD’s, check with the leaders that the CD’s music is appropriate, and the Cd’s are played as back ground music through the meeting.

Over the years there has been played: Guide songs and campfire singing, traditional Australian Aborginal music from different ‘Nations’. Various other traditional music from other countries: New Zealand, Wales, France, Germany, American Indian, and Indian just to name a few.

Even Music from different music trends: The Australian Youth Choir, Abba, ACDC, Whitesnake, Celian Deyon, Jazz, Classical, Rock, Metal (heavy, fairy, light electrical,,) Pop…

Various compilations such as Aussie BBqs, Power Songs, Imprisonment tapes, Childrens Nursery Rhyme Tapes, International freedom CD’s.

The lists just go on.

The Guides and their friends are checked re their knowledge of Occupational Health and Safety in regards to electricity, handing of home appliances, appreciation of noise levels, who running the show and who has over all power with regard to saying turn it off.

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Keeting fit while being a Guide.

Sports Guides have played as well as attending Guides :

Netball, Basket ball, Tennis, Soccer, Skate Boarding, Bike Riding, Horse riding, Show Jumping, Sailing, Canoeing, Running, Athletics, Karate,Tai Chi, Swimming, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Belly dancing, ….

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We cook meals too

Cooking a meal for the family following a recipe.

This was a meal that was a stew. Very nice it was.

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Party Lights

During 2009 a shop had a special on. The leaders went out and spent some money on all sorts of lights to use at discos, party’s and other things.

Unfortunately the disco ball was dropped ion the first night the Guides were looking at them.

Now there are cables missing. When we have more money there will be more cables.

The equipment we have and can still use is still fun to have. The District has spare extension cords and socket extensions.

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Plan a party and invite your friends.

We planned a Dance at Guides for the end of Term three (2009).

We invited all different people. we had made invitations, and asked them to come too. Our parents asked their parents too.

We had fun, played outside, had cold drinks, lots of food, decorations and music. We also had games to play too.
The CD player was the one at the meeting room. The music was ours, The older girls organised the CD player.

Some of the girls we invited have now joined Guides.

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