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And your right H.O.T. The sun streaming down on the perfectly wild imagination of your viewers…. and all it means is a twist a cards words ‘Here on time’

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All things come to an end.

After more than fifty years within the Hazelwood and then the Churchill community Girl Guides here had to close.  Although many reasons about that ….one fact is final.

Thing is that through Hazelwood and Churchill Gilrs Guides, as a whole, there are still many stories to tell of lessons learned , and skills coming to the forfront.  The structure of the Girl Guides has changed, so to the Promise and the Laws.  The younger generations that has been growong up wthin the system whole heartly endorsed by the Leaders and practiced through the Churchill Units, then the Hazelwood and Churchill District Guides , what the Leades particiopated in on and as part of the Victorian State event and camp team members has had a small and to those youth [ now nearly all young teens through to adults] concerned significant impact.

The main challenge to recording these event for many was lack of phones and or cameras themselves.  To these particiants I will gradually upload the photos that I have in storage.  Effectively then deleating these off any thing I then have them stored upon.  This I feel is only fair as these girls and there families do not have access to these records to be able to pass thenm onto their children’s children.

Having gone through twenty years of post traumatic Shock Syndrome due to the impact of a truck and its trailer being on the wrong side of the road I understand the loss of memeories.  Mine was totaled.

Aside from these reasons the older generations of Guide and District leaders are getting on.  Kath is now in her nineties.  There are stories that do need to be expressed and included here as well.  Just because someonthing is old does it have to be thrown out?

It is to finally obtaning many of my own memoreies during which I was lucky to have hardcopy photos from the 1970 when I was in the New Zealand Girl Gudes.  These opened many memories even though that was fourty years ago.  Things like the great sadness when  Lady Baden-Powell passed over.

On that note should any person what the copy or to share these memories around I give full permission for your to .  The photos will be over seven years by the time the last ones are placed on this site.  The photos were taken with my camera other than ten that will be scanned and identified as such. These photos I have recieved permission to do what I want with them.  Thus you get the benefits.



Your sincerely … a person who in her heart is still a Girl Guide.





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Water activities list


Environmental things

Games list

Survival water activities


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Swot analysis for tents and gadgets overnight Stay

  • Years of experience of us
  • Trainings
  • Interests
  • Ability of adults
  • Knowing Guidelines (updates included)
  • Network.
  • Helpers and District Team assistance
  • Complementary learning
  • teasers  know what’s in the training book
  • Qualifications : Guiding, First aid, food safety, After school coaching program.


Lack of girls

Lack of other experienced leaders

  • Time to train other leaders
  • Lack of parental involvement
  • Parents lack of what’s expected of them (assistance, police check, working with Children)
  • Transport.
  • Finances
  • Dietary requirements
  • Opportunities
  • Public relations.
  • Support through ‘Networking’
  • Advertising-Word of mouth, posters, being seen out and about.
  • Increase of skills levels.
  • Recognition levels.


  • Seasonal illnesses and asthma.
  • Environment danger
  • Boredom and temper tantrums.
  • Other organisations.
  • Non-communication of what they want
  • Objectives and actions for all the District Outdoor activities
  • Increase mental stimulation
  • Encourage practical activities that fulfil the need for achievement and recognition.
  • Badge work, peer acceptance at school and guides,
  1. Achievement of badges
  • Expanding tunnel vision and sharing information.
  • Presentation night.
    • Charts and displays
    • badges
  1. Acceptance of change.
  2. Keeping the programs interesting
  • Back up systems
  • integrated learning and sharing
  1. Increase numbers in guide units.
  • Being seen participating in community activities / service.
  • Girl/ leader/ parent participation.
  • Public Relations being positive.
  • Advertising
    • In Newspaper with region.
    • Posters
    • Word of mouth
    • Radio

5. Training of leaders.

  • Active participation
  • Support network
  • Encourage trainee leaders to bring there personalties into guiding.

6. Encourage outdoor activities

  • follow up and included prelim training during program
  • Open to District these events
  • Included Gipps Guides and parents to participate.
  • Participate in Region and State activities

7. Record of events.

  • Photo evidence.
  • Journals

8. Finances

9. Transport

  • Car Shuffle

10. Adequate clothing for event.

11.Food preparation.

  • Food safety
  • Making sure that everyone to be fed and watered in group.

12. Job descriptions given.

13. Communication links to be function able.

14.       Occupational Health and Safety

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O.N.S September 2010 Menu


  • Homemade Pizza
  • Choc Bavarian Pudding

Afternoon Tea

  • Rock melon
  • watermelon
  • Different Cheeses
  • Salad Faces


  • Corn on the cob
  • fettuccine
  • Silverside
  • mashed potatoes
  • carrots
  • broccoli
  • peas
  • And Fruit  salad


Next day (Friday)


Morning tea

  • Pick and choose Buffet

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Pitching a light weight tent

Common sense and practice are only one side of pitching up any shelter.

  • Before you leave to go on camp check that everything you need for pitching the tent is there.  Also check on the condition, number and suitability of the tent pegs, poles, fly, mallet and guys..  Once your camping it is too late to run to the shop and buy more.
  • Choose the place to place your tent. Avoid areas that are not level. Also consider placing the tent near but not too close to some shrubs to help keep the wind from destroying your tent site. Clear any debris or rocks from the area.
  • Place a large piece of plastic sheeting or a tarp over the area where you will be erecting the tent. This will help keep ground moisture from seeping into the tent. Also the imprint of your feet will lessen the wear and tear on the ground surface or the tent floor.
  • In at least one of the corners secure a tent-peg into the ground.  This stops the tent upper from being blown away while you are pitching it. You then lessen the chance of ripping the nylon as the poles go in.
  • Assemble support rods. Depending on the type and style of tent the number of rods varies. Assemble all rods before moving on to the next step.
  • Slide support rods through the pockets on the tent. In most cases these rods will go over the top of the tent to form a half circle.
  • Complete the raising of the tent by securing the end of the rod into the hole or socket provided near the bottom corners of the tent.
  • Using a mallet secure the tent in place by knocking the tent pegs into the appropriate places. Most tents have holes or brailing ties that should be used to anchor the tent to the sactual tent pegs.
  • While erecting the tent have all tools or equipment kept near the tent bag.  Thus avoiding loss an accident possibilities.

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‘Gadget’ ovenight stay September 2010


  • Preplanning
  • while at overnight stay


  • Kitchen safety challenges
  • Chosen menu

My packing

  • What to bring with you
  • What is not included in the packing.



  • Outlined

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A District Leaders View on the District Campfire 2010

Since the Guides were unsure about attending a Region Campfire the people in this District have been organising a campfire. The strategy involved the District Leader and leaders bringing together of many personal and different activities through the unit meeting times, overall activites and the District Team. Mind you what was planned and what the result was similar in structure but had an added tempo and very different rhythm to the event.

Over the last year there have been various activities at different levels within the Districts Guiding life cycle. Some activities have been at the Hazelwood South Hall others based through the real Youth and Gipps Guide program. Then of course there has been what the District team have involved themselves into.  These activities introduced the Guides, District team and families and friends of all involved to the different facets of Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District Guide ‘campfire 2010’.

  1. To start with there was the creation of a calendar date.
  2. Then came developing the interest in the Guides themselves. Choosing the songs, action games, music [offbeat] dance and there actions/ acting and voice things were done through the Guide program.
  3. Occupational Health and Safety measures were shown and implemented through the program with the Youth members. Discussed and reiterated with the adults attending. These measures included fire safety [of both the fire and the candles used] as well as cooking preparations.  What clothing was right to wear around on a cold night with fire near by.
  4. Creating a bonded group of participants the were willing to engage in other activities that complimented the Youth program.
  5. The ‘belonging’ factors were encouraged, along with Unit identitfication.  Overnight stays, chosing of flags per meeting time which were visible upon entry to the campfire area.


The result of this one campfire night hopefully is an intersted group of youth members wanting to include a traditional [but spiced up] type of campfire into other Guiding activities.

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+Painting plaster

The plaster had spent a few weeks drying in the chocolate moulds.   There was paint being used furiously. I was really glad there were three tressel table [Comprising of about 5 meters in length between them] 

 Plaster bits from the mould ended up on the floor.  Later to be cleaned and put in the bin. As the plaster had spent do long in the moulds sometimes the moulds edging broke.  This could have been age as well as some of the moulds are over thirty odd years old.  People have brought them from opportunity shops or had them in their cupboards and handed them on as their families leave home.

Plaster moulds were washed with hot bubbly water.

 As the Guides needed a break they went on to challenge game. Some kept at the challenger game others went back to the painting of the moulded plaster casting.

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Chocolate evening

A few weeks ago the Guides had a chocolate evening.  They all spent the entire time melting Chocolate buttons down and making molded chocolate shapes and Rocky Road Chocolate ‘clumps’.  The clumps of rocky road chocolate still had not set before the Guides went home.  So the plates of rocky road were left in the fridge.

Then came putting the plaster in the other chocolate moulds.  This dried and the next time they all met the Guides then spent time painting the plaster casts.  There was plaster every where on the tables and chips on the floor.  The Guides were good about the mess the activities made as they were cleaning up as they went[to a point]

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