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Car Show service to the community.

The car show was good.  There were cars, motorbikes, static engine displays, radio controlled crs, more cars, food and lots of people. The weather was even good for a change. The kitchen fly was placed so that the reflection from the Hazelwood Pondage did not damage anyones eyes. Just as well as the day was clear and the light intense.

There were faces to paint…Oh that’s why we were there!  The District Leader painted faces and we did to. We all improved as the day got older.  Butterflies and hearts anyone?

Actually we have booked in again for next year (the Hazelwood and Churchill District team has) and they have been tentativly booked also for the 20th of Feb 2010  another car show in Bairnsdale.  More faces to paint. Were coming too.

encouraged to be written by Clear Vision  

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