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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Past, present and future.

Girl Guides is now One Hundred years old.  There are celebrations galore happening on many different levels. From the Guides in the patrols organising activities, each unit having different focus, interests, celebrate and things to do reflected in their programs, the District activities,All hands at the Fair the Baw Baw Region activities, the Victorian State Guiding Activities, even on National Girl Guides and International levels. So there are activities, events a  which all Girl Guides are encouraged to attend. Lots of challenges even here in your home so that the Guides can further expand their minds, become a worth while well-rounded active citizen in her community, with in Guiding and of the world.

Guiding is one hundred years old.  Effectively Australian Guiding was in at the beginning.  Many people have passed through and moved on into the wider community.  Many traditions, celebrations and journeys have begun because need a bandaid?someone was curious.  They asked questions, found answers and methods of doing things,  then they brought back this experience, information and shared it with others. The successes and those not so being a beginning of many great things.  Guiding has expanded.  Where will it go to from here no one really knows.  There are 2020 objectives.  Were on the band wagon and invite you along for the journey to.

Guiding for the girls (youth members)  has started at five years of age for the last ten years plus. As a youth member until their eighteenth birthday.  Some girls choose to make their Promise, A promise is madeothers do not.  To any aged Guide (Youth or Adult ….109+) who makes or reaffirm their Promise is a special time. Once the Promise has been made being able to start their Peak Achievement Awards is an added development phases that brings new rewards and added dimensions of leadership and understanding.

bright and dazzelly

Fireworks explosion

Either way their are badges that they may do along the way – Youth or Adult member. It’s up to that Guide whether she completes the badges and accepts the reward. What is gained through meeting her challenges and objectives may not be actually known until years later.  there will be a residue effect though as others will always be involves and that’s how traditions, camps, activities and events begin.  The Hazelwood District team now runs several like the Teddy Bears Picnic, the Rac Wac, District team feed the Guides and familiesget together’s and Joa/Joti.  Evolving is part of growing after all.

Once a Youth member reaches the grand age of eighteen they’re into the Olave Program.  Locally known as the Gipps Guides.

The Gipps Guides are all starting their Peak Achievement Award. They will bring back into the Guiding community their experiences, life skills, knowledge, interests, what they are involved with and further development as well.

Hazelwood and Churchill District Girl Guides is over fifty years old.  The District started out as a Lones Unit which later meet at the Hazelwood South Hall.  When Churchill Township began a Company (now Unit) started in Churchill itself.  Over time these have merged.  The District is now known as the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District.  Principally as the two remaining leaders came from a Hazelwood and a Churchill Unit. But also because the District still uses meeting times at both the Hazelwood South Hall and the old Latrobe Council’s Glendonald Maternal and Child Center.

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