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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Altering past activities to fit with what is happening today.

When something has been done before, it can be done again.  Altered or replicated to fit todays activities, event or dream. Sometimes taking things that have worked from one thing, pooling these working ideas together gives a starting point from which dreams or gaols have a pathway to follow. These ‘things’ may come from all places that have influenced the Guide to that point.  For example, the family environment, media, education, sports, clubs, Guiding, the Guides own interests, skills and hobbies, and peer group beliefs. Bring things to the ‘front’, then making informed choices on what to include or exclude and why, is the point of brainstorming at the beginning of any planning session for activities, events, services or camps.

At the beginning of 2010 the Hazelwood and Churchill Guides were discussing what they would like to achieve through Guiding.  The discussion was actually part of figuring what they wanted to do towards the sections of the Centenary Challenge badge.

Further into the discussion there came a point where the Guides were asked what had actually brought them into Guides? Of the Guides who were there, they answered that they were invited to the Disco or the DVD evening.  Both held during mid 2009. At that point the Guides decided that they would run a Disco and have another Popcorn and DVD night later in the term.  These things the Guides knew had happened well.  They were there after all enjoying themselves. So now we have a Disco coming up on May 15th.

The Guides want to go canoeing over the summer.  For this they have been told that there needs to be a greater number of Guides who can paddle and swim.  Swim… That means getting ‘weeeeet’ , actually proving by doing the pool lengths required , even its dog paddling style and “that life saving stuff”. Those who do not have a current certain ability level this are not able to go canoeing.  So the water badge has been started!

Taking these inexperienced Guides on camps just yet is not on the drawing board until they have had more experience.  So overnight stays are being organised over each school holiday. Each one having interesting outcomes which are in turn built upon for the next overnight stay. The adults using the SWOT’s to further evaluate and guide the Guides in their future activities.

In November there are the Ev Graham training days [9 yrs to 15 yrs old] and Shindig [13 to 29’s year olds]  These Guides are already under training for these overnight stays, State Camps and Baw Baw Region Based training days.

Training, when it involves working / learning with tangible stepping stones gives both the Guides and Trainee Leaders confidence in what they have done.  Something that they can then step onto as their learning curves broaden then merge.

You may wonder why starting a Girl off at a very young age [at five they are able to be registered] in the Guiding movement is a positive move.  Never doubt that while they appear to be involved somewhere on the periphery of the activities, these young Guides have ownership of the whole program.  The program, the med=tods used, the greater understanding of the why. wherefore, the Guiding Promise and the Laws, is just a norm for them. Hence the really special reason as to why the Hazelwood and Churchill Guide District has been concentrating on helping the Gipp’s Guides and the District Team become active. To these small Guides they [ the District Team, the Gipp’s Guides, and the older youth members] are just an extension of what they themselves are doing.

Move right over people the world is my oyster is ownership. What’s been done before can be done again only better.

And in the distance we parents can still hear “Now where did I put my teddy bear?  Mum where’s my ted…dy  teddy bear.”

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Choosing governace

Governance is about having the choice to choose, then knowing what to do with this choice.  All levels of Guiding are shown different processes for the same thing.

The 7 to 9’s are called Dolphin Patrol.  We already have the Koala Patrol for the 10 to 13’s.

We played Hop-Scotch. And we did some more of the Columbia badge.

Some more Guide revieved their sashes and some badges.

There were
Special Badges – 100 year celebration, Jota/Joti,  2 round badges called Build a better World, Discover your Potential.

Some Guides got their Explore: Freiendship badges.

We are nearly finished some others too. They are

Explore: Our World, Life Skills,Guiding, Outdoors, Arts

Some have started their Explore: Faith Awareness and their Explore: Health and Fitness and Science and technology badges.

And we have also begun the :
Challenge Badges: Girls, Rope, Food, Fire, Hands, The Arts.

Theres one called the Bridges over to Argetina and we have started that too.

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