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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Following a different route to…

Some very important decissions to be made each time the planning of the Rac Wac (Race around Churchill, Walk around Churchill) is underway is:

a) Where is the starting point,

b) What is the destination

c) Time of day to start, d) theme of day,

e) Mode of transport available (feet or wheels?)

f) Family event, district event or just Guides and Leaders?

g) What are the Occupational, Health and Safety requirements,

h) Is each patrol following a different route to an appropriate destination ( accompanied by an adult with first aid kit and a car) or are the whole lot going together to the end destination?

i) Costs involved?

j) What are the S.W.O.T. things to consider?

K) Menu and allergies to foods.

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Guides find out about the ‘Hub’ in Churchill.

The Churchill Hub is a fairly new building on Philip parade, Churchill, Victoria,  Australia.  Their are many services run through this building.  What we found was that many people did not know that it was not only just a place to pay their Latrobe City Councils bills, or to drop off the children at the day care end, even to go to the classes run through the Churchill Neighborhood Center.

The Churchill Library is only a small library.  However the service is part of the Latrobe Valley library service.  So one card does four library services.  The Guides have found that there are books, videos and C.Ds that interest them .  As such there is space in which to read, or just spend time alone.

The Churchill Neighborhood center has various classes run at all sorts of times.

There are also facilities for a community kitchen group.

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The District Team is currently involved with… some of the

The District team runs the following District events…and helps other community organisations put on others.

Car Show [ we help out here face painting].

Churchill Festival

Clean Up Australia Day 2010, 2011

Compass Award

Hazelwood South Hall

Jota / Joti

Morning tea and get together’s

Rac Wac

Relay for Life

Team Meetings

Teddy Bears Picnic.

Water Activities Day

End of Year Formal Meal (2010)

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about this Girl Guide District

About this Girl Guide District

Hazelwood and Churchill first started when one girl wanted to be a Guide. transport was problematic.  So she started out as a “lone” Girl Guide.  Soon others joined her.  They met at the Hazelwood South Hall.  As Churchill begain to spring up Churchill Units were added.  Initially meeting in Churchill Itself.  The district was called Hazelwood.

Over the last 17 years many changes have occured.  The ‘new’ way allowed for fllexable units to be formed.  These work well for the smaller numbers of Guides attending.

The Hazelwood District Girl Guide Leader moved on.  Years went by until a new District leader could take her place.  Coinciding is the Hazelwood and Churchill Girl Guide District – as it is currently.  The District currently is composed of the District Leaders team (everyone 18 years and over [male or female], the leaders, the Gipps Guides ( 18 to 30 year old Guides) and of course the Youth members.  One meeting is on Tuesday 4.30 to 6pm, the other is just forming and meets on Wednesday 7 to 8.30pm.

Service being a big part of what this district is about. So there are always service projects going on. Out door activities are an essential part of all Guiding learning.  recognising, and working on challenges, learning stepping stones is important too.  So too are the recognitions that are part of these challenges.

Guiding is quietly regaining its identity today.  In recognition of the verbal encouragement one Guide makes to bring her friends along Guides National have a reward system.  Once the New girl has registered she then recieves an Ice Cream Badge.  Her Guide friend receives another Ice cream scoop.  You will see these worn on thespecial badges area of a sash.  Front bottom area.

Welcome to Guiding today.

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