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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


Singing Game for Recreation

There was a jolly miller and he lived by himself. As the wheel went round he made his wealth. One hand in the hopper and the other in his bag. As the wheel went round he made his grab.

Circle formation:

Partners link arms: facing opposite ways, forming an inner circle going one way and an outer one going contra clock wise. One extra Guide in the middle.

All release arms and march forward in circle formation. The guide from the centre joins inner circle as it goes around. On the word “Grab” all seize the arm of the Guide nearest who is going in the opposite direction. The one from the inner circle who does not get a partner must stand in the centre for beginning of the next round.

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Whistle signals

To have learned  and practised the whistle signals properly takes time.  By yourself these signals can be memorised and yes practised.  But that’s on sided learning in that there is no input from others.

Learing the whistle signals as a patrol activity makes this an interesting and memorable activity. The practical side is that emergency response signals [hand or Whistle] for the meeting area are then introduced. The procedures for both the Hazelwood South Hall and the Glendonald Child and Maternal Health Center are also current in the Patrols head.

  1. The Patrols choose their own special signal.
  2. Leader uses scatter signal to send patrols searching for tokens hidden round playing area.
  3. If one is found, finder stands still until PL notices, signals patrol to assemble before patrol collects token.
  4. Whenever leader signals “rally”, first patrol back earns extra token; last patrol forfeits one.
  • Vary with “PL come here”; deduct a token from patrols of any girls who mistake that signal for “rally”.

The giving of gifts and taking away of gifts is meant to build up patrol enjoyment and act as a stimulant to patrol team pirit.

The orginial ideas for this activity came from a Mc Evory, M. Program Compendium : a life line for leaders in Brownie Guide

and Guide sections. Girl Guide Association of Victoria 1985  What was not put in the instructions was that each Guide had to have their own personal whistle [hygiene reasons] and that this is a good one to practice somewhere other than indoors!

Other variations are the learning of an emergency signal or two.

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