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Formal Meal 2009

Thank you all for trying to attend and to those who could make it to the 2009 End of year Formal Meal.

Every one is busy

The Guides chose the this years theme to be Christmas.  So when the arrived out came the decorations and they got busy to work on the inside and entry to the building.

Many hands make light work.  So every body just pitched in to get everything ready.  The tables were put into place, the settings done beautifully. Table decorations were made.  An angle brought by a Guide graced the table.  Serviettes and fans were placed all around.  The Guides had made place mats too.  At the last minute a parent wisked off the un-laminated ones and thankfully these were done.  Spares were in the office so guests and leaders had these. The tables had sparkles and streamers along the middle.  The walls had streamers, tinsel and decorations all around.  The main door had a welcome poster – which was a really good idea.  One I had not thought of.  And the outside doors and windows were decorated as well.  There were even the Units Flags and the World Flag out on display at the head of the table settings.

We had to guess at how many people were coming as until the last minute we really did not know.  How ever there was enough food thankfully as many people brought deserts, cakes, chips and snacks. Not enough place settings and chairs.  But everyone was happy and any blotch ups were worked around.

Hot or cool drinks were served by the Guides to Guests.  The older Guides helping and serving the smaller Guides and guests.

The main course was beef and chickens.  The meats were slow cooking … the beef got microwaved as well to finish

A picture says a thousand words.

the meet cooking process.  The chickens were brought down piping hot.  We ended up with a basic red and orange salad and oven cooked big chips / wedges as a main meal.

The food ended up being placed on the side tables buffett style.  The refreshments, then the main course, and lastly the cakes, little merranges, chips, dip, scones/jam and cream,

The youngest got served the main course first.  The invited guest (oldest first!!!) and leaders were served the deserts and nibbles first the second time around.

The dish washers were glad that the plates were plastic ones and the dishes just kept being done through out the preparations and dinner.  Another advantage of everyone bringing something from home…when you’ve got roped into the general clean up and dish washing jobs.  Which the Guides and friends and family worked together and did very well.

Food on the side

Many times through out the years activities have had left over products.  These are saved and recycled for another time.  Hence the meal costs were down as we did not have to purchase serviettes, plates, cutlery, cups, table cloths, tea towels (we ran out and more were simply  brought along), place mats, cordial and decorations.

So anytime you have spares of anything think of us.  We will utilize them.

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