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There are many things unknown

Today I received an email asking that this site be looked at.  Knowing that Guiding is not a political or religious organisation I have included the site so that you may make up your own minds.

Remembering that we are born without prejudice and with an inquiring mind.  Social borders and closed minds are introduced to each of us as we learn what makes us feel safe and be safe. To keep safe impenetrable walls are erected.  Fear is the removal of that safe feeling.

Girl Guides and Girl Scouts is a World Wide Organisation that aims at bringing out and developing the best within people..  Dealing with and affecting  many peoples lives in different cultural bands. Guiding has no cultural, faith, religious, class, financial, knowledge restrictions imposed. There is the essence of the original Promise and Law as set down by our founder . With this in mind there is a story of “Five little Girls…”

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Begining the Olave Baden-Powell award.

Having made their Guide Promise members of the Gipps Guides are choosing to begin their journey through the Olave Baden-Powell Award.

These 18 to 29 year olds are challenging themselves to that both their Guiding Promise and their Guiding into the wider community.

Quite often bringing back to those around them different lessons and influences that they have experienced. Often not realising just how much influence on other peoples lives, thoughts and interests that being involved with activities, events and programs which appeal to them can have.    Part of the Olave Award progress is to present what you have done to your peers.   If you are working in any youth organisation/ work place as a Leader/ teacher or Adult Carer your experiences will transfer to others.  When an event/activity/ service is described, it’s successes, and flops along the way, the struggles/ surprises and things that go right all combine to challenge others in how different to do their chosen things.

Setting out to do something is often a challenge rewarded and supported by others already travelling or who have travelled along that path too.  There are many friends you meet and make within this Olave Program.  people you may have met at school, work, camps or round the block even.

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