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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


(Tune: Here we go round the mulberry bush)

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

To visit Our Chalet.

At Our Chalet we meet the Swiss;

On mountain heights we climb like this,

We might see a goat, or an Edelweiss,

All at Our Chalet.

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

To visit Olave House.

From Olave House we see the sights,

Of London Town and city lights;

We meet the English on rainy nights,

While we’re cosy in Olave House.

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

To visit our cabana.

Our Cabana’s in Mexico,

And off to a bullfight we all go;

Arts and crafts to children we show,

When staying at our cabana.

Here we go around the World Here we go around the World

Here we go around the World

And now we go to Sangam.

India’s Sangam is far away,

but we’ll see the life of old Bombay;

We’ll dance and sing all through the day,

When we go to Sangam.

These are the centres for a Girl Scout or Guide;

We think of them with joy and pride

For we have traveled far and wide,

All around the world.

Guiding in Australia, December, 1980.

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GIVE me oil in my lamp

Give me oil in my lamp,

Keep it burning,

Give me oil in my lamp I pray,
Give me oil in my lamp keep it burning,
Keep it burning to the break of day.

Sing Hosanna ,sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna to the Kings of Kings,

Sing Hosanna, sing Hosanna. sing Hosanna to the King.

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Morning has broken like the first morning   ,

Blackbird has spoken like the first bird.

Praise for the singing,praise for the morning

Praise for them spring fresh from the word.

Sweet the rains new fall,sunlit from heaven

Like the first dew fall on the first grass

Praise for the sweetness of the wet garden

Sprung in completeness where His feet pass.

Mine is the sunlight,mine is the morning

Born of the one light Eden saw play

Praise with elation,praise ev’ry morning,

God’s recreation of the new day.

Repeat first verse.

The Australian Hymn Book SONG

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Peace I ask of thee oh river,

peace, peace, peace.

When I learn to live serenely cares will cease.

From the hills I gather courage,

Vision of the day to be,

Strength to lead and faith to follow,

All are given unto me.

Peace I ask of thee oh river,

peace, peace, peace.

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SHALOM CHAVERIM  is a song from Israel printed in the Let’s Sing Manual

Shalom chaverim,

Shalom chaverim,

Shalom, Shalom.

May peace be with you, may peace  be with you,

Shalom Shalom!

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Song of Joy

Come sing a song of joy for peace shall come my brothers.

Sing,sing a song of joy for men shall love each other

That day will dawn just as sure as hearts that are pure are hearts set free

No man must stand alone with hand held out before him,

Reach out and take them in yours with love that endures for evermore.

Then sing a song of joy for love and understanding.

Come sing a song of Christ – of freedom tell the story

Sing,sing a song of joy – for Jesus in His glory.

One mighty voice that will bring a song that will ring for evermore

Then sing a song- of Him of love and understanding.

Tasmania Campfire Song Book

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The land before time

The Land of Time

A mix of games and trails to enjoy yourselves with TIME challenges. Our Guides did.

White Rabbit has rushed ahead to keep a very important date in the  Land of Time. When he came through here he was very worried because he had dropped his beautiful gold watch and couldn’t find it. To travel through the Land of Time every one must wear a watch to help them find their way. The White Rabbit asked if anyone finds his watch, could they please deliver it to his home and leave it on the front door step.


• Give each Guide a paper watch to wear showing the same time.

• Name each patrol—blue train, red train, green train, orange train etc.

• Find your train station (stations have corresponding colours).

• At each station the leader gives each patrol an envelope which reads: From your Station Master, Mr Backwards. Inside is a message which reads backwards:

/ have seen something gold shining near: toadstools, a fire place, cupboard, cork box.

After the Guides have deciphered the message and have found a piece of the White Rabbit’s watch the leader says: “The watch piece is very precious and it needs to be carefully carried to the White Rabbit’s home so it can be mended. It must always be carried in someone’s hand and never be put down again until it is delivered.”

Each patrol now forms a train and is given words to say whenever they are travelling around:

blue says: digital clock, digital clock,

red says: grandfather clock, grandfather clock.

green says: cuckoo clock, cuckoo clock,

orange says: tic toe, tic toe.

When the train whistle blows it is time to move on to the next activity. Before leaving the station, the ’round robin’ begins:

1. On a large clock face at the station the Leader turns the hands to different times. The Guides discuss the time. When the hands are the same as their own watches, the train leaves the station and moves to the first activity.

2. Game as a unit: ‘What’s the time Mr Wolf.

3. Hickory Dickory Dock: Cardboard mice with a hole for a tail to be attached. The mice have run through the kitchen and the farmer’s wife has cut off their tails. The Guides must learn to attach a string tail on the mice using two half hitches.

4. Judging the time: Using a clock with a second hand, first count out one minute by seconds. Then standing away from the clock, judge one minute and sit down. Try sitting with eyes closed, then after one minute open them and stand up.

5. Across the ‘ice flow’: Learn to tie a reef knot. Join all the pieces of rope together then throw the rope across the ‘ice flow’ before it melts. Walk across the rope, but do not fall in. Try to complete the task before the next train whistle. If you finish early untie rope and throw back across for the next Patrol.

6. The crocodile from Peter Pan is lurking about. There are a variety of activities to try but keep a watch out for the crocodile. You know he is coming when you hear a bell. Quickly huddle together for safety and he will leave you alone. Go back to what you were doing and continue counting from where you left off. skip rope … count

• hop on one leg … count

• bounce a ball… count

• squat up and down … count

•  pat a ball in the air with your hand … count.

7. Read the time relay: (as a unit) Each Patrol has a large clock with hands that move. In front of eachPatrol is a pile of small clock pictures showing different times. In a relay, a picture is picked up and the Guide sets the large clock to the time on that picture after discussing what the time is with her patrol. She then runs with the clock to the Leader at the end of the hall to show and tell her the time. She then returns for the next Guide in line to take her turn. Set a digital alarm clock to go off near the end of the meeting allowing enough time to find the White Rabbit’s hole and return the watch pieces. The White Rabbit has left as a reward for finding his watch a packet of Tic Toe biscuits.

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Coffee    (4 times)

Cheese and biscuits ( 4 times)

Fruit and custard ( 4 times)

Steak and onions ( 4 times)

Fish and chips ( 4 times )


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Divide into four sections and begin to  work the Guides into alternating versions of rounds.

First Round                           Second Round
Sec 1   Belgium                        England
Sec 2   China                           Norway
Sec 3    Holland                         Kenya
Sec 4   Greece                           France

ALL      Happy Thinking Day

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This is The day

This is the day,

This is the day

That the Lord hath made,

That the Lord hath made,

We will rejoice and be glad in it,

For this is the day that the Lord hath made

We will rejoice and be glad in it.

This is the day, this is the day,

That the Lord hath made.

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