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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


Our leader said. ” Burn, bash and dump’

All rubbish and trash that you see!”

We did as he told us, exactly

-Oh. bring baek my leader to me!


Bring back, oh. bring back.

Oh. bring back my leader to me. To me !

Bring back. Oh. bring back.

Oh, bring back my leader to me !

Our leader, she likes to make campfires.

For brewing up coffee and tea:

Now, kero looks almost like water

-Oh. bring back my leader to me!

The swimming-hole is so attractive,

Our leader dived in from a tree

The depth, as you know, is deceptive

-Oh, Bring back my leader to me!

Our camp-site has modem ablutions,

They don’t Fush very well as you see:

Our leader’s been in there a long time

-Oh. bring back my leader to me.!

Words and music traditional “Verse 2 by Mike and Michelle

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