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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Flea Yell


Flea fly.

Flea fly flo.


Koomala, Koomala, Koomala, vista,

Oh no no no, not de vista.

Eni meni, deci meni, oh wala wala meni,

Ex-emini, zala meni, oh wa la wa,

Beet billy oaten doten, bo bo ba beetin datin,

Sh – isssssssh !

Campfire Activities – Girl Guides.Canada

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I thenk you God, for making me,for making me eyes that I may see.

All the beautiful things around,for making ears with which to hear,

All the wonderful world of sound.

And thank you for my nose as well,so many lovely things to smell.

Like homemade cakes, just freshly baked.

Or gumtree on the fire baked,.

I thank you for the gift of voice, to laugh and sing and to rejoice.

Lord, thank you for my body strong.

And for a heart to know and feel.For joys that fill me when I kneel.

And know that God did make me whole.

A body,  heart and mind and soul.

Accept my praises God to Thee

For all these gifts that make me.

From the collection of Sylvia Dalziel.who held many positions in Guiding in the Baw Baw Region.

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SONGS etc ‘H & I’

Where possible throughout the index of songs, chants, yells shirts etc has hand the prefixes ‘the’ or ‘a’ removed from the title.

Here we Go round the World

He’s got the whole world in His hands

Insect Cheer

I Thank You God

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Little Visitors

Sometimes unexpected comes visiting. Over the years we have had Huntsmen spiders, frogs, lizards, babies, birds, dogs and cats visiting us during our meeting or camping times.

Koala looks down, Kangaroo Island
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When we have been camping we have seen snakes, koalas [making mating calls, cows, horses, more spiders, lizards and frogs.

Not impressed was the Leader who when kayaking down some of the Murry River the snake just kept on keeping pace with her.

Snakes are elongate legless carnivorous reptil...
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Little lizards

This little fella came to the Gipp’s Guide meeting were Pin Wheels were being made.  He was placed outside before the Pin Wheels were eaten…..just in case.

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