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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

General information and overview of May 13th 2010 Morning Tea

Hazelwood and Churchill


District Team open invite

for Morning Tea.

15th May 2010

Date and time 15th May 2010
Location / Scope of Event Glendonald Child and Maternal Health Centre  10 .30 to 11.30am
Address of this event 19 Churinga Drive Churchill
Management District Team
Description Relaxed Get-together for  cuppa and chat that enhances public perception of who and what The Hazelwood and Churchill District Guide Team is.

Document author: Susan Connor

Moring Tea Management Plan
Signature Date Name of Person Job Description


Team Job Cleaning up

Yes / No   Event approved by District Leader.

Yes / No  Notification of event has been sent to Region Leader.

Yes / No   Management of / Incidents will be reported as per ‘Guide Line’ requirements.

In case of emergencies, or for the management of incidents, the Police are not subject to the conditions of the ‘Guide Lines’ but will  make every effort to inform necessary agencies of the incident and the Police Response.

Proposed use of building

The morning tea is to be in the Glendonald Child and Maternal Centre, 19 Churinga Drive, Churchill. Overall jobs have been allocated to  necessary Team Members.

Contact list for notification prior to event

(those ticked to be notified)

Organisation Salute Surname Address Town Post Code Contacts Tick
Region Leader Jane Cleverly
Latrobe Council Morwell
Churchill Police Station Dear Sir 6 Switchback Rd Churchill 3842 51221790

1 Operating Principles

  • The management plan incorporates the use of both mobile and static equipment to enable the event to be conducted safety within a Latrobe City Council faciltility.
  • District Team Members will be conducting safety checks.
  • District Team Members have specific jobs to facilitate event in accordance with overall District Team objectives.

2   Objective

There are a number of important objectives to be considered by the creation of this overall management plan and these include but are not limited to:-

  • Provide a safe environment for the District Team Members to meet, greet, and welcome others onto the District Team.
  • Provide a relaxed meeting time for suggestions to be made for future activities. Suggestions to be taken to District Teams General meeting for discussion and possible action thereof.
  • To encourage the belief amongst the adults that Girl Guides is a worthwhile pursuit for them and their family (aimed at youth, and broad spectrum adult members).
  • That as a District Team together we can facilitate or re-direct the provision of activities within our community for the development of our members. (Youth and Adult)
  • That there are avenues and structured pathway plans which are adjusted to accomodate the persons/ particpants interest, skills and learned knowledge .

3 Command and Communication

3.1 Command

The command structure for this event is as follows:

Overall Management

Initial Invitations further form / develop District team

  • District Leader
  • Co-ordinatior of Morning Tea sub -committee
  • Each member / guest may invite else someone too


Food supervisor

  • Debbie Gallagher.

Team Members Forms

Print off and supply.

  • Susan Connor

Suggestion box

Make and bring

  • Susan

Overall co-ordinator for Morning Tea

  • Narrelle


Attendance book.

  • ?

3.2  Communication

  1. Small area communication needed. (Voice)
  2. In case of emergency mobile phones.
Emergency Contact In an emergency – Fire, Police and Ambulance OOO
Notify Jane Cleverly
Issue Impact / issue
Girl Guides
Get together Fellowship. Team Building
Membership numbers To rise all levels
Qualification to be used District leadership, food service.
Develop activities, events to further stimulate all levels of Guiding possible within this district. rational : heightened interest = increased stimulated membership drive,
Latrobe City Council
Isolation within community Provide a means for people to: interact, take initiatives and develop them
Convence of building Building utilized. Easy accessed with controlled entry.
Interest groups begun Further Utilization of self development access to services.
Local Public transport / Churchill Taxis
Transportation Meeting times are congruent with general use of public transport.
Off loading Deemed safe exit / entry areas.
Retail Shops
? Economic stimulus WHERE POSSIBLE Keeping cash FLOW within Churchill.
Educational facilities
Self Development stimuluses Encouragement to utilise existing services (library, neighbourhood house, LCHS services, Tafe to University)
Emergency Services
Barriers to use of Inclusion may down barriers and make acceptability the norm.

5 Event Management Contact List
Position Name Responsibility Contact Number
District Leader Susan Connor Overall susanc@speedweb.com.au
Cook Debbie Gallagher Food service 51222119
Morning tea Co-ordinator Naredia Co-ordinator of Sub Committee
Risk Management Plan

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