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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Flags are actually fun

Who ever thought that having a silly old flag flying was boring does not know what we do!

Things we have done and learned about flags

  • Flags can be incorporated into games and as part of other group activites ( marching, indentify with).
  • Chosen the colour of different meeting times flags
    • Churchill Guide Unit Flag (now the flag for the 5 to 8’s [Purple])
    • Hazelwood Guide Unit Flag ¬†(now the flag for the 8 to the 13 Guides)
    • Churchill Guide Unit Flag (now the flag for the 13 to 17 Guides [ mid blue with light purple trim])
  • Erecting the flag pole
  • Hoisting the Flag,
  • Protection of Flag.
  • Why a flag. World Guide Song has our Guiding flag unfurling.
  • Carrying our Flag.
  • Ceremonial flag preperations.
  • Colour Party
  • Giving instructions.
  • Different games and challenges.
  • Different Cermonies attended’
  • Know and choose what flags the District has to use.
  • been introduced to other countries (Argentina, New Zealand, Kiribut)
  1. Melbourne Guide Parade through Elizabeth Street….for B.P and Queens Guide reciepents.
  2. Australian Day Celebrations at Morwell and Churchill
  3. A.N.Z.A.C. Day celebrations at Morwell and Yinnar.
  4. Victory in the Pacific (VP) 50th Birthday Celebrations.
  5. The return of the Hazelwood Roll of Honour to the Hazelwood South Hall.
  6. Camp Flags.
  7. Parade
  8. Presentations.
  9. Where the Units all meet together at District Functions.
  • .

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