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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.


Peace I ask of thee oh river,

peace, peace, peace.

When I learn to live serenely cares will cease.

From the hills I gather courage,

Vision of the day to be,

Strength to lead and faith to follow,

All are given unto me.

Peace I ask of thee oh river,

peace, peace, peace.

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Song of Joy

Come sing a song of joy for peace shall come my brothers.

Sing,sing a song of joy for men shall love each other

That day will dawn just as sure as hearts that are pure are hearts set free

No man must stand alone with hand held out before him,

Reach out and take them in yours with love that endures for evermore.

Then sing a song of joy for love and understanding.

Come sing a song of Christ – of freedom tell the story

Sing,sing a song of joy – for Jesus in His glory.

One mighty voice that will bring a song that will ring for evermore

Then sing a song- of Him of love and understanding.

Tasmania Campfire Song Book

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Their Service – Our Heritage Badge

This badge was presented when a list of challenges had been decided upon and completed.  Each year the badges colors changed’

The list consisted of things like:

  1. Invite a guest speaker from the RSL.
  2. Make a diggers hat badge.
  3. Do some of the Global Challenge Peace activities.
  4. Take part in a musical review of Wartime songs.
  5. Find out about family life during war time rationing.
  6. Make a contribution to an international organisation for Peace.
  7. What role do the Red Cross and Salvation Army play in times of conflict.
  8. Why A.N.Z.A.C?  Share with others some interesting information.
  9. Find out about the role women played in times of conflict.
  10. Make A.N.Z.A.C. Biscuits.
  11. Find out about the Guides international Service. [GIS]
  12. Find out about the Australian Service Peace keeping activities.
  13. Use the A.N.Z.A.C. Pack or web site.
  14. What else could you do?
  15. Plan a Lunch using the A.N.Z.A.C. soldiers rations.
  16. Signal messages with torches using Morse Code.
  17. Create an A.N.Z.A.C. wreath.
  18. Role play to work out peaceful resolutions to problems.
  19. Visit an R.S.L. to view an historical display.
  20. Participate in an A.N.Z.A.C. day or Rememberance Day service.
  21. Make a Peace Dove with a message of Peace.
  22. Contribute to a collage, mural or display about Peace.
  23. Reflect on Rememberance day. Give a red Poppy that you have made to someone else.
  24. Watch a video about conflict resolution.
  25. Give service to your Local Community.
  26. What was the Land Army, and what role did it play in times of conflict?

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Reading about the influence of Girl Guide movement

Once upon a time in a far off land lived five little girls. One girl was a Moslem, another was Buddhist, the third was Jewish, the fourth a Christian and the fifth was a Hindu. The girls were friends but they had to meet in secret because their fami­lies distrusted people who had cus­toms different from their own. Their families did not really understand that the girls liked each other and wanted to be friends.

One day news came about an elderly man in a far off country who had started something called Girl Guides, and now a unit was starting in their area. The five girls were very excited because they were able to join Brownie Guides together. They, like guides all over the world today, had different religions and beliefs but were able to meet together in friendship because all Guides existed happily together. -Their families were happy to see the girls together in Guiding because it was a good thing.

As the years passed the girls grew up and were young women when war came to their land. They were very afraid because people with dif­ferent beliefs were fighting with each other. Our five Guides were very troubled until one of them said “We are different but we are the same. We are sister Guides and we always help one another in times of need.”

And so, our five young women and their families promoted peace in their land and grew to understand and accept each others customs.

The five young girls in this story now have children of their own. Their children play together happily today, all because the Girl Guides came to their land a long time ago.

The white corner on our World Flag shows our commitment to world peace.

GiA P 22  October 1994

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