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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

Things for ME to do before camp to bring on an expedition camp.

Check my registration is current

Organise own transport

Have I booked a ride with someone ?

Have I actually asked them?

Do they know where to go?

Have I given the driver a map?

Have I my Caregivers consent?

Have I my activity form signed and

handed in to the leader in charge?


Day Pack & Plastic Bag liner

Big Pack_& Plastic Bag liner

M. Bear (Fits across palm of Guides



Sandwhiches for first meal.

General food list is made seperately

before you go on each camp. Knowing

you eat one amount take twice that

amount. Bring the remainder home.


Water Bottle

Water in bottle.

Milk powder

Soup in sachets

Drinking choc (plastic baged)


Scroggin (raisins,nuts,choc pieces,

dried fruit, barley sugar, museli bars in

a couple of clip seal bags)

Dilty bag

Knife, fork, spoon (metal).

Bowl, plate, mug (Plastic)



Trangia (all parts)


Cooking spoon

Can opener



Pencil and note book.

Watch (if has second hands)


Tent, poles and pegs.


Sleeping bag

Sleeping mat

Pillow case (raps mat in)

Lightweight blanket

Plastic bag to store shoes in (Outside)


Trick to camping light: What you have

on and the following


Warm Socks x 2 pair

Waterproof shoes

Waterproof jacket

Beanie & Gloves


Warm pants

Shirt long sleeves

Trousers x 1 pair (or shorts if hot)

Nightwear (in plastic bag)

Track pants and top.


Personal Care Kit

In small containers put – shampoo,

conditioner, toilet paper, toothbrush

and paste, shammy type cloth & soap.

Be Prepared Kit

Salt (in sachets)

5 mt string

Small amount of money

Foil (30cm x 30cm)

Few matches and flint (With parental


Pocket Knife (small blade & with

parental consent)

Lacker Bands

Needle and thread

Torch and batteries

Clothes pegs x 4

First Aid Kit

Salt (in sachets)



Scissors (small ones)

Own antipain tabs (With parental okay)


Barley Sugar

Emergency Heat blanket


Safety Pins



Sanitary Pad (Covered type)

Churchill And Hazelwood Guide Units:

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Creating a Patrol Corner

Part of the overhanging mobile

While the Guides are learning about Patrols they are practising their Leadership skills. Although not all the Guides make it every night so quite often the others fill them in. So far this is where they are at.

Ready Set go

This how we play Kim's game

The Guides are creating their Patrol corner.  Learning how governance works, participating in creating their identity, and imprinting this identity on what they do and who they are.

First off came the getting to know one another, then the taking responsibility for your actions and recently the making of the patrols.  Then the choosing of Patrol Leaders and Seconders.  Learning and practising the listening to your Patrol members was an important issue.

Last night some of  the younger Patrol of Guides had arrived on time. A challenge was given to them.  Did they want to make a patrol Corner. Then make a Patrol Corner. Ahh Delegation is wonderful.So they got to work out where the Patrol Corner was to be. This reward was a decision made by the Leaders in recognition of these Guides arriving on time.

Keeping this corner clean and tidy is a Patrol responsibility. House keeping skills came into practice. While some of the Guides rolled up the carpet, others swept and then vaccumed the Patrol corner.

What furniture was to go where. Were they going to have flags there, which flags and where the flags would go.  What about utilizing one of the notice boards that was already on the wall.   While working on all this what was the World Guide Flag, and which of the three identifying unit flags they would rally under as a Patrol.

The area chosen is the furtherest away from both sets of exit doors, the kitchen and the heater, but next to the storage cupboards.  There was an old two meter bench thing with cupboard they asked for help to move to the other side of the Patrol corner. This has two shelve in hight but three spaces in length.

Okay, they took stuff from the cupboards and placed some things on the shelves.  The middle one being a combined area of stuff.  When the Guides were going through the storage cupboards they realised that there was heaps of stuff there.  Asking what they could take out we advised caution on quantity of ‘stuff” going on the benches.  Realising that all they had to do was ask and the key would be provided to open the storage cupboard the wooden shelves have a minimal amount of items on them.  things lie some jig-saw puzzles, pens, crayons, scrap paper.  Even pencil sharpners were found.

As Patrols they have Patrol books that they can record what they are doing in it.  These Patrol Books they used later with a Kim’s game that was played. There was a ‘weekly record book’ book from a few years back that one guide saw but I think it was put back into the cupboard.  When the guides are ready they will probably recycle or make their own ‘weekly’ record  book.

The tables have chairs there and now a table cloth on top. A new purple plastic one that covers both.  May have to purchase another couple for when more tables are used there though. But this decision will be there to make and to fund raise for.

The animal mobile that was made last year which is still hanging above the two tables ,  The combined choice is to leave it there.

Then they found out that there was an unlocked two shelve, glass cabinet, high up on the wall. From memory some of the ordinments that previous Guides have purchased are now in there.  They are dolphins swimming , a koala on a branch, a girl on a purple chair.

Yes to the notice board.  No to what was already there. When what was to go on the notice board was worked out a strong personality was over riding the others.  This was worked out with a Patrol Leader from one and a Patrol Second from another Patrol holding up posters and signs.  Where to best place these was decided by the others win the Patrols standing by the furtherest away from the notice board.

The establishment of this Patrol corner has been important in the practice of governance and having a voice in your Patrols Identity.

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