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Hazelwood and Churchill (Victoria, Australia) local Girl Guide information noticeboard.

So what was there in the Churchill Library?

The Library in the Churchill [Victoria, Australia] Hub was visited by a few of the Guides.  Some had  given their apologies.  Still wanting to be a part of the activity but unable to attend [ if they had the internet at home] they were going to look up the Four World Centers – this being the main objective  of this  particular Patrol activity. Others things these guides were going to  find out was which color represented which of the Four World Centers, to read somethings about each of the World Centers and of course….what were some recipes from those countries.

What the guides found by using the Library service this afternoon was that:

  1. In order to use the library computers each Guide had to have their own library card.  So for a while membership three new library members was arranged.  Now these Guides have their new library card and their Girl Guide Membership card.
  2. The Churchill library is only a small library.  However the service is part of the Latrobe Valley library service.  So one card does Four library services.  The Guides have found that there are books, videos and cds that interest them .  As such there is space in which to read.
  3. The Churchill Library is placed so that most people can use the service on the way home from school, or shopping, when they are too hot at the skate park or in need of the toilet facilities.
  4. That when  using the ‘Utube’ and laughing at dogs and animals on skate boards it’s hard to keep quiet!
  5. Oh yes that Our Cabana has an orange theme.
  6. Sangum has a purple theme.
  7. Sangham building arch ways and building lay out represents the three fold promise and ….  Must go back and find this out.
  8. That since Sangam is in Southern India we would prepare some Southern Indian food.
  9. Pax Lodge has a green color.
  10. And we did not get to Our chalet.
  11. The Latrobe City Council is running a photographic competition.
  12. you can do different things as a Patrol Activity.
  13. Engaging in group / patrol decisions. [Advocacy]
  14. Governance has interesting effects
  15. There are holiday programs that can be attended.  One Wednesday is African drums and the next is clowns.
  16. That Yoga is run in the Neighbourhood Center part on a Thursday afternoon.
  17. That sometimes other people you know go to libraries too!
  18. there are a lot  of things that Guides can do to receive recognition.  Working on some of badges are just one good thing.
  19. There is a different number of steps when you walk up to some of the shops than down them. The Patrol decision is to go back and count the steps again.
  20. That yoghurt ice blocks taste really good after climbing those steps!
  21. The scarves were left behind.

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